T.J. Maxx Weekend Findings!

Hello there, I want to share my shopping happiness with you!
Yesterday I stopped by T.J. Maxx and I went totally crazy! I was not supposed to buy anything but it was impossible! There were soooo many good findings! so I told myself: $100 USD, that’s your budget, that’s it!
It was SUPER hard because I found these AMAZING Via Spinga Fazian Sandals, I really wanted them but they were $99 (which is still totally a steal!). I wear 9.5 US size and it’s a pain to find that exact size; I can either find tons of 10s or 9s… 9.5 are rare; there was 1 pair of Via Spigas on my size, I tried them on just to see the fit… it was like little angels were holding my feet, I swear!
So, what I did end up buying…
1. Kate Spade 20th Anniversary “Things We Love” Special Edition Canvas Tote. This was the biggest finding of all! It was only $12 USD and totally awesome for spring coming up! (you can see here that people are selling it on Ebay for more than $65 USD, there was a second one there and I wish I had bought it as well).
2. 40 Carrots Moisture Splurge Retinol-rich moisturizing. I’m going to try this for the first time, I liked the fact that it’s Paraben Free and if you have read previous posts of mine, I’m trying to stay away from Parabens and Sulfates. This was $4.99 USD at T.J.’s and you can find it on Amazon for $11 USD and other stores like Walgreens are selling it for $15 USD (exact same size and packaging). This one has awesome ratings on both places so I’ll definitely let you know how it goes for me.
3. ECO Aroma Rosemary Pure Essential Oil. Got it for $4.99 USD and as you can see on their site, retail price is $8.55 USD and Amazon is selling it at $8.90 + $4.60 shipping for a total of $13.50 USD. What I’m planning to do with this is add a few drops to my conditioner to help hair growth.
4. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm. I’ve been a sucker for these lately! (this is my second one actually). My sad reality is that my lips are ALWAYS dry because of my office’s A/C, no matter what I do, Vaseline, Carmex, drink a gazillion liters of water, etc etc. they’re just dry. I bought the first one like 2 months ago, also at T.J. Maxx and I liked the tint on it very much, my lips don’t look flaky and the color is not too heavy (so I don’t have to worry about staining EVERYTHING near me at the office: my cup, water bottle, mug, etc…). I got the “Baby Lips Buds” limited edition on “Oh! Orchid!” for $1.99 USD; Amazon sells this one for $5.30 USD (sad thing about limited editions: if I love it, I will never see it again unless I pay a lot!). Regular Target price is $3 USD.
5. CXL by Christian Lacroix Mini “Zinnia” Tote. I love it! It even came with a dust bag (a bit huge I must say so maybe I will be using it for other bags). I got it for $29.99 USD, you can see it here for $58.00 USD (no nude color though).
6. Eccolo Color me HAPPY wirebound journal. It has beautiful quotes in every page so I bought this as a gift for my nice that’s just entering the “tween” years and needs little reminders that she has more things to be happy and greatful than she has for being sad and emo haha. Got it for $5.99 USD.
And I forgot to put them in the photo! but… also a great finding”
7. O by Oscar de la Renta Gold-Cheetah Aviator Sunglasses. I paid $9.99 USD, these sold out on Nordstrom Rack when on sale for $39 USD.
Total spent: $70 + TAX!

You will see me wearing this stuff a lot from now on! And by the way, the sandals I didn’t buy 🙁

The awesome thing about Via Spiga shoes is that in general they’re 100% leather (even the soles), and I’m trying to leave cheap plastic shoes behind, that’s Laura from the past.I’m so happy!!! I hate paying retail prices so for me this is awesome!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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