Pink Floral Dress

kate spade handbag

floral dress for tall girls

kate spade handbag

Each time I’m wearing a floral pattern in spring I remember Miranda Priestly  hahaha…


But what can I say? I love these patterns and I really liked the navy touches on this one, it makes it not too cheesy I believe.

The length of the dress is appropriate for the office so I used it there BUT you can tell it was not meant for a tall girl since there’s a seam that I believe it’s supposed to go at waist height and it’s kind of below my chest… but I like it!

I got this at Ross at an incredibly price of $4.99… it was like a markdown of a markdown of a discount price… had like 10 price tags and it was there, I tried it on, I believe its a bit snug and that I should probably go with better underwear for this but still, loved it and for the price, I couldn’t just leave it there!

So… I’m paring it with my Kate Spade watch as seen here and Kate Spade handbag (that I just cleaned! it looks brand new!)

Shoes are from Burlington and my hair is parted like I don’t care… (I really didn’t at the time hahaha) but now I’m like… I will pay attention to that!

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Kate Spade Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

kate spade leather cleaner review

Hello everybody!

Some of you may remember the day I bought my first Kate Spade handbag, almost a year ago (jeez, time flies by!); I was so excited! I really love it and even when I’m not using it on a regular basis (more like twice a month), I couldn’t protect it enough from getting real dirty, like super dirty!

I remember last October, I was at the airport and I was carrying this handbag, it was horrible! I suffered each time I had to leave it for the guys to check or to pass it through the x-ray band, etc… etc… I tried to picture it as best as I could but poor lightning (too much of it and sometimes too little of it) made it impossible for me to get a REAL picture on how dirty it looked. However here are some guides so you can see the darker areas, all of it is dirt!

kate spade cleaner

The bottom was completely gross, it was a mess! And I knew I had to do something about it but I was too scared to use any cleaning product that’d be too harsh for the delicate leather, so I went to the Kate Spade website and read the reviews about the leather cleaner and conditioner, a lot of good reviews! So… I used a 15% off coupon I got on a previous buy and went ahead and ordered them.

kate spade handbag cleaner

I have to confess that the couple of bottles were just sitting on a shelf for over a month! I couldn’t find the time to commit to this task but I finally did it! I was amazed! I used this kind of kitchen napkin/towel (the absorbent/resistant ones) because it had texture that could help me really get into the grain detail of the leather. So I put a little bit of the cleaner on the towel and spot tested on the bottom of it, you could see the magic happening right away!!! So I went ahead and cleaned it all, I removed the excess of product and waited for it to dry (around 30 minutes), then I put the conditioner on the same way I did with the cleaner. It’s a miracle! the leather is sooo soft and it looks brand new! I’m so happy with this purchase!

I will be cleaning a lot of leather goods with these 2 guys :), I bet they will work wonders on them! So, you can see in the next image how the bottom of the purse looked after cleaning it, it’s a huge difference!

kate spade leather cleaner review

I totally recommend these, unfortunately for me, Kate Spade does not sponsor this post haha so I don’t even have to make a disclaimer about the opinion being 100% my own.

Here you can find the cleaner and the conditioner, if you have leather handbags and specially light colored, you won’t regret it!

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Navy for Spring

navy striped outfit

navy stripes outfit

Navy as in both color and Old Navy of course.

I wore this earlier this week to go to the office, I love the nautical feeling of it and hey! I live by a port right? totally appropriate.

The sweater came up from my aunt Alma’s little boutique “La Caja” in Valle Dorado, if you’re in Ensenada you need to stop by, you’ll find a lot of basics at an awesome price.

Funny thing about this sweater is how the sleeves fit perfectly on my super long arms but to be 100% honest I need to keep pulling it down so it looks decent on me (if I don’t it looks like I have a 5inches torso). I still like it a lot and if you’re a couple of inches shorter then it’s perfect for you. This is how my sister Erika ends up with a bunch of my clothes by the way! I wear them 2 or 3 times and if got them on a regular size (because I loved it, I’m stubborn and I say for 5 minutes: it’s gonna be ok, I can pull it off), most of the time I decide it’s not worth the struggle of pulling down and stressing about it the whole day and then she gets them, lucky her hahaha… she’s like “too short, huh?” and then it fits perfect on her 5’5″ body.

There was a time when she was 23 and I was 18, we were in Viejas Casino and we were going back and forth between the casino and the outlet that was just in front of it (I believe they closed? haven’t been there in a long time); so in one of those times, they changed the security guy at the door and he tells my sister “I need to see your ID” and well, my mom had our IDs because she didn’t trust us haha and she was scared we would lost them so… the guy was like: you can go ahead… my sister: but she’s 5 years younger than me! she’s my sister!!!… guy: how can it be that she’s younger than you if she’s so tall? (really? really security guy person? REALLY?), so I had to go to my mom because I was the one allowed to go in the casino and ask for our ids so I could come back and get my older sister that looked super young because she wasn’t a mini giraffe according to this guy…

Has something like this happened to you because of your height? too tall? too petite? Now it’s my height + my age, I feel like the Nanny giving the security guys money to ask for my ID!

So, back to my outfit:

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Old Navy Denim Jumpsuit for Tall Girls!

denim tall jumpsuit

denim tall jumpsuit

denim jumpsuit for tall girls

Hello everyone!

So last Saturday there was a small reunion with friends and I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this outfit for a while, so finally the opportunity came up!

This is an Old Navy Denim Jumpsuit (Tall), I bought it on October 2015 and I’ve probably worn it more times that I’d like to accept. I LOVE the fact that Old Navy carries clothes for tall girls, I really do! I’ve never EVER been able to wear a jumpsuit because well, it kind of fell like wearing a Baywatch swimsuit (almost raping experience) and this one is SO perfect, is comfy, fabric is light and breathable.

I love the color, the neckline and everything! I feel like a mechanic hehe.

– Booties are Tommy Hilfiger’s, you can find them here.

– Sunglasses, lipstick and handbag were my T.J. Maxx findings from 2 weekends ago, see full post here.

Unfortunately this exact jumpsuit is not available at Old Navy anymore, but they are selling a very pretty one here and it’s less than $20 USD. Plus, they have this very pretty Chambray Romper that I will be ordering soon for the warmer days coming up. I will wait for the Romper I ordered last weekend and see how it fits, and then if I like it, I’ll go ahead and buy this one.

I can’t really express how happy I am that there’s somewhere I can buy these pieces of clothes that are beautiful but that have NEVER fitted me.

I’m inviting tall girls on twitter to read my blog, hopefully they will share some experiences here.

Good news for petites: Old Navy carries petite sizes too! So it’s kind of perfect in a way that you can get a lot of basics there, you can get basic jeans, basic tees, pjs, etc… stuff that I find impossible to get at I don’t know… T.J. Maxx (I love T.J. Maxx ♥).

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My Old Navy Cyber Easter Bonanza Sale Order!

Hello everyone!!!

As you already know, most of my Tall Girl clothing comes from Old Navy; so I’m super excited because TODAY March 13th and tomorrow March 14th every Old Navy item is 40% off online!!! so I had to order something (OBVIOUSLY), here are the details of my SALE order:

oldnavy order

  1. Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash (Tall, 4)
  2. Slub-Weave Romper in Gathering Moss (Tall, M)
  3. Slub-Knit V-Neck Cocoon Tee  (Tall, M)
  4. Relaxed Crew-Neck Tee in Pink Elephant (Tall, M)
  5. Relaxed Merci Graphic Tee (Regular, M… I hope it fits nicely)
  6. One-Button Knit Blazer (Tall, M) <– I’m excited about this one, I normally prefer more sturdy blazers but I’ve never had a Tall size blazer so I’m intrigued about the fit of the button, normally it fits right below my chest and even when the cut for the whole thing may be a bit loose, the button always looks like it’s about to pop!

Total of the order: $73.75 USD (tax included)

That makes an average of $12.30 USD per item! I love this feeling!!! So the way it will look on my Credit Card is around $1,300 Mexican Pesos BUT good news for Bancomer clientele, there’s a promo that will last all March 2016 where all you buy outside Mexico (including online) goes straight to a 6 months-no-interest payment program! so woohooo!!!

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Cobalt Blue Full Midi Skirt

blue full skirt outfit
cobalt blue full skirt and kate spade handbag
blue full skirt outfit
Full Skirt Outfit

I just LOVE full skirts!!! This is my third post wearing a full skirt (You can see previous ones here and here).

This one came from Amazon (find it here) and I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the fabric I must say. It is sturdy + it has pockets! One small thing is that it runs a little big, and with the fabric being a bit heavy I had trouble keeping it on up on my “waist”, it fell down to sit on my muffin top haha… not fun at all. Sizes are tricky when you order Asian sizes, the one I’m wearing here is a Large but I’m not sure a Medium would have fit according to the size chart on the Amazon item page (maybe a little encouragement to loose the muffin top?).

Other details of this outfit:

I’m wearing it with an H&M crew neck basic tee (similar to this one).

Handbag is Kate Spade, seen on my unwrapping post here and previous posts as well.

Song of the day:

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p.s. please consider that as an Amazon affiliate I could get a % of the money if a sale is made using the Amazon links posted here; however all the opinions are my own.

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