Rosa, Blanco y Negro

Una vez que sales de la escuela y entras a la vida laboral del infierno (a.k.a. El Calvario) sientes como todo tu día se va en solamente 2 main activities… Trabajar y Dormir… no digo mah’…

Generalmente cuando estoy aburrida me dedico a ver ropa… zapatos… accesorios o jugar algo relacionado con ropa… zapatos… y accesorios. Ads es testigo de las horas y horas y horas que puedo pasar frente a la compu viendo distintos outfits y posibilidades de outfits… en fin… ultimamente he retomado ese pasatiempo favorito y no quisiera ser tan egoista como para quedarme all my precious treasures for myself…

1. Minna Parikka

Minna Parikka has always had a thing for shoes. Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, Minna began designing her own shoes at the tender age of 15, taking her first step on the road to footwear stardom. Made in Spain of the finest leathers, her handcrafted creations are brimming with glamour, attitude and edge. From wearable mile-high heels to boots that are made for much more than just walking, Minna Parikka’s shoes will knock your socks off.

2. Marc Jacobs

Prêt-àPorter Fall 2009 Collection

3. Ederm

Prêt-àPorter Fall 2009 Collection

4. Donna Karan

Prêt-àPorter Fall 2009 Collection

5. Chanel

Prêt-àPorter Fall 2009 Collection

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Vanilla Parfum

This is my first post, I opened this blog because I wanted to share the things I like or find interesting with people… like everybody else that starts a blog. Here I’m trying to focus on Beauty and Fashion topics, most of them related to Vanilla as my favorite scent in the whole world.

There are lots of Vanilla Scents out there but… which one is the best one?

I’ve made a little research to get you the most amazing Vanilla Parfums…

First, I’d like to say that I’ve tried tons of vanilla perfumes… I love the smell of almost all of them but I have had trouble finding the perfect one.

The one I like the most is: Eau de Parfum, Vanille by Provenco… I bought it in Marseille, France and I haven’t seen it in this part of the world and haven’t taken a picture of it either… it’s a blue 100ml bottle, silver cap.

Anywho… I have some other suggestions I’d like to share:

Vanilla Lace – Victoria’s Secret

Vanilla Blossom – Sula (Featured Teen Vogue Best Perfume)

Pure Vanilla – Lavanila at

Perfume Oil Vanilla 30ml – The Body Shop

I haven’t tried them all but I’ve heard they’re great scents… I’d die to find the perfect one though so I guess I’ll just wait until my bottle is empty to get maybe the Sula one, I mean Teen Vogue can’t be thaat wrong.

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