Morro Bay + Am I becoming a Vegan?

Hello pretty people!

I’m back!!! There’s a lot going on in my life at this moment so I had to take a step back, regroup, and come back with something meaningful.

So… in the past month I spent a week in Monterrey, hanging out with my lovely family, my grandparents, my aunt and cousin; and of course I spent some quality time with the best friends a girl can ask for, Ads and Beto (we missed Conde so we took Count von Count instead -haters will say this is photoshopped-). We went for a hike, and we had some drinks and food. I also visited my Alma Mater and got to say hi to old friends and teachers, it was awesome! I’m already looking forward to go back :).


I got to spend Mother’s Day with my grandma and aunt, who are like 2nd and 3rd moms to me. I lived with them for 5 years and they took really good care of me, I love them, respect them and appreciate them a lot. We celebrated their day by grabbing more than a bite at Sirloin Stockade; when I was sitting there and eating, I never expected that meat to be the last meat I’ve eaten.

Something happened that night… I stumbled across a Vegan YouTuber while trying to get some sleep and even when I found her quite annoying, she was the opening gate for A LOT of less-annoying-Vegan YouTubers like “That Vegan Couple“… and everything changed for me, it was somewhat a “wake-up call”. So I spent the day after thinking “today I won’t eat meat”… and here I am, a month and a couple of days later and I haven’t had any kind of animals… I’ve had dairy (not as much as I would usually consume), and I had eggs maybe a couple of times.

I’m not a Vegan (yet?), there’s a long way from where I stand to becoming an actual Vegan since it’s a lifestyle not just a diet. What’s missing for me to become a Vegan? Well… here’s a tiny list:

  1. Vegans NEVER wear leather. As you can see in my previous (several) posts, I’m all PRO-leather… I’ve talked about never wearing faux or wearing it just seasonally and going for “the real thing”. Specially with shoes… I’ve written about never buying non-leather shoes again… so as my blog and biggest passion revolves around fashion, this is BIG.
  2. Vegans don’t eat dairy/eggs/honey. I still use honey as a sweetener for my detox drinks and I still pour some milk on my coffee and had cheese several times.

There’s a LOT more to the Vegan lifestyle and for that reason I’m going to join YouTubers and talk about my experience transitioning from an omnivore to an herbivore/plant-based human. I’m far away from becoming a Vegan, right now I’m at the Vegetarian stage of it (and definitely Pro-Vegan), but I will make veganism my ultimate goal.

So, it’s sad for me to say the following, I won’t promote leather goods anymore! (even Kate Spade’s leather goods 🙁 ), I will be wearing the stuff I have already because financially I’m in no position to change my whole wardrobe, but I won’t link to/promote anything that could come up on my OOTD photos involving leather or animal suffering. That’s my first step on the fashion matter… next step is never buying those things again. Once they’re done, they’re done.

This is a BIG thing for me, actually some people in my family will found out about it with this post, I really expect your support. As I said before, a video explaining the whole process and what made me change my mind will come up soon.

So… with that being said. I’ll move on to the OOTD portion of the blog. I made a pause to my “Parisian Chic” project because last post was precisely about leather and it didn’t feel quite right :(, and I’ll show you how I wore the romper I bought on Old Navy Easter Bonanza sale (wrote about it here). This is my first “Tall” sized romper and I totally loved it!!!

am I vegan

Morro Bay OOTD

Morro Rock OOTD Accesories

Morro Rock OOTD

This past weekend was my first time at The Morro Bay, CA. I really loved the giant rock and the view was amazing! Sadly it was cloudy most of the day :(, I still can’t get my tan as you can see by the color of my pale legs (and they used to be worse!).

What I’m wearing:

  • Old Navy “Tall” Romper in Medium
  • Sandals and pretty handbag are from Ross.
  • Kate Spade watch as seen here.
  • O by Oscar de la Renta Sunglasses seen here.

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  1. OMGGG!! What are you going to eat in my wedding!?! D:

    JK! First of all I’m sooooooo glad to see you’re back! I really missed your posts and now I can see why!! You were preparing to drop the big bomb!! I think it’s great this new lifestyle that you’re choosing (like, if someone has that much will to commit is you!) So good luck with the plants! I’ll be rooting for you 😉

    1. haha I’ll eat soup? or salad? or just bread! 🙂 don’t worry about me! and thanks for the cheering pretty! always appreciated!

  2. Whoaaaa! A lot to digest in this post (pun intended).

    #1 Love the pic with Beto, Ads and Count 😛
    #2 Good luck with the transition to vegan. Most important thing is to not unbalance your nutritional intake.
    #3 Quit your job!?!?!?! OMG This is the biggest bomb for me :O

    Ps. Love the sandals and handbag

    1. Hahahaha yep!!! I’m writing a lot about it at this moment BUT I don’t know when I’m going to post it 🙁 it’s like a lot to process!

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