Kate Spade Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

kate spade leather cleaner review

Hello everybody!

Some of you may remember the day I bought my first Kate Spade handbag, almost a year ago (jeez, time flies by!); I was so excited! I really love it and even when I’m not using it on a regular basis (more like twice a month), I couldn’t protect it enough from getting real dirty, like super dirty!

I remember last October, I was at the airport and I was carrying this handbag, it was horrible! I suffered each time I had to leave it for the guys to check or to pass it through the x-ray band, etc… etc… I tried to picture it as best as I could but poor lightning (too much of it and sometimes too little of it) made it impossible for me to get a REAL picture on how dirty it looked. However here are some guides so you can see the darker areas, all of it is dirt!

kate spade cleaner

The bottom was completely gross, it was a mess! And I knew I had to do something about it but I was too scared to use any cleaning product that’d be too harsh for the delicate leather, so I went to the Kate Spade website and read the reviews about the leather cleaner and conditioner, a lot of good reviews! So… I used a 15% off coupon I got on a previous buy and went ahead and ordered them.

kate spade handbag cleaner

I have to confess that the couple of bottles were just sitting on a shelf for over a month! I couldn’t find the time to commit to this task but I finally did it! I was amazed! I used this kind of kitchen napkin/towel (the absorbent/resistant ones) because it had texture that could help me really get into the grain detail of the leather. So I put a little bit of the cleaner on the towel and spot tested on the bottom of it, you could see the magic happening right away!!! So I went ahead and cleaned it all, I removed the excess of product and waited for it to dry (around 30 minutes), then I put the conditioner on the same way I did with the cleaner. It’s a miracle! the leather is sooo soft and it looks brand new! I’m so happy with this purchase!

I will be cleaning a lot of leather goods with these 2 guys :), I bet they will work wonders on them! So, you can see in the next image how the bottom of the purse looked after cleaning it, it’s a huge difference!

kate spade leather cleaner review

I totally recommend these, unfortunately for me, Kate Spade does not sponsor this post haha so I don’t even have to make a disclaimer about the opinion being 100% my own.

Here you can find the cleaner and the conditioner, if you have leather handbags and specially light colored, you won’t regret it!

Thank you as always for reading me and for stopping by!

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