Faux Leather Leggings – Finally!

Hello everyone!
Today I’m enjoying the few hours left of my Holiday break… tomorrow it’s back to work 🙁 but today I’m so happy because of my outfit! if you go and check my Pinterest Wardrobe Inspiration board, you’ll see that -since last winter- I have an obsession with faux leather leggings outfits. The problem here is, for a very tall girl like me (5’11) there are not plenty of options out there. Normally, I buy my regular/skinny jeans at Old Navy – Tall Girl section (only sold online so it’s a huge bummer you can’t try anything on in-store), but I never find specific pants that are from a special fabric or something like that so it’s kind of a quest each time I want one because I have to try a lot of them in-stores and most of the time just deal with an “ankle-looking” pant that was not meant to be ankle height.
Anyway… I had one pair of faux leather leggings I got as a gift on my birthday ♥, but I still can’t decide on how to wear them since they’re short… not even ankle short… they’re shorter, and it’s winter and it’s cold! I felt defeated, I felt this was going to be another winter without those special leggings and then, a miracle! Last weekend I was over T.J. Maxx and I found them!!! Yes, they fit my height and all!!! They were on the clearance rack along with this sweater I’m also wearing… they were meant for each other!
I paired them with my Timberland booties (you can find them here)
And also with my daily must-have Kate Spade Berkeley Lane Hanna (find it here with a 20% off discount and similar one here).
The leggings are pretty much Chinese, never heard of the brand and couldn’t find anything related on the internet, but the sweater is Michael Stars, I really loved the knit, it’s very soft!
Thank you for stopping by!!!

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