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Mix and Match chairs

Hello pretty people!

I know there’s a LOT out there to talk about, I’ve been writing and writing and writing and I don’t seem to get all my ideas together and finally share the post (about the job quitting thingy!).

So, I was glad that I was invited by to this challenge on how would I use Mix ‘n’ Match chairs in a dining room. It’s nice to go back and think of stuff I love doing and I love planning and if you follow me on Pinterest you can see that my Dining Room board has plenty of what inspires me.

As many of my friends know, the dining room that is falling into pieces is the one at my Mom’s house. The chairs are all breaking, we do have a Mix ‘n’ Match thing going on but in a horrible horrible way! And this, being a table for 8, made us realize how difficult it is to replace one chair that’s very specific and we don’t even know who made it! I mean, it’s impossible! So, where’s the rule that says that all chairs in a dining table have to be exactly the same? And I’m not talking “oh, some of them are the armrest kind and some not!”, no… I’m saying… what’s wrong with having completely different chairs? It’s not just interesting and awesome looking, it’s even practical!

Dining Room with Mix and Match Chairs

So my only rule while doing this is keep in mind what you already have. There are things that can easily be changed like wall color but there are other things that are not as simple/as cheap. We actually did a 100% makeover to the kitchen, dining room and living room but this was year 2001, and what was in on those days well… it’s not that in anymore.

In order to better understand the style the house I grew up in has, you should see the living room (sadly I don’t have any pics of it right now); there we already had black marble installed years ago, so my dad -who did most of the styling back in the day- got a black leather couch. At the time, he loved this black/white combo so it kinds of defines the house decor. He invested a lot on marble/granite counter tops for the kitchen and living room, half of the house floors consist in black marble so it really is an investment and we need to work around it.

For the dining room, he took the table we already had (that wasn’t new in the first place), painted it and reupholstered the chairs to be “black”.  The table is real wood and it’s sturdy but the chairs were not very
strong anymore and with the years they started to break, we slightly incorporated random chairs from the house but this mix and match resulted in a mess.

Sadly… this is what we already have (sorry for the quality, I asked my mom to take the photo and she only has her cellphone):

Old Dining Room

The things I need to consider for this project:

  1. I’m definitely reusing the table. It’s a fine wood table, so I will need to repaint it and refinish it probably using a dark grayish wood color, to have a tone in between all this black and white.
  2. NEW CHAIRS! This is the exciting part… the chairs have to be sturdy, we can’t really afford delicate chairs with my nieces jumping on them and such. We want chairs that are kid friendly in a way that are easy to clean and durable!
  3. Adding GREEN. I want to fill the house with plants and texture, to shake things a little bit. Add pops of green color and what’s better than have plants? Succulents/cactae are perfect for our desert weather.
  4. A new light. With a makeover has to come new lighting, even when I don’t mind our current ceiling lights, I’d like something a bit more dramatic.
  5. Wall art. Do something with all that space!

I want to little by little introduce other textures besides stone in this black and white house. I want to break the “contemporary vs rustic” idea and mix ‘n’ match those styles as well. So, while browsing through all Chairish dining chairs, I found the perfect style for this project and put them together with my vision of this room:

Mix 'n' Match Dining Room
I added a bit of Ikea as always! So what do you guys think? do you like this mix ‘n’ match trend? have you done it in the past?
Thanks as always for stopping by and thanks to for inviting me to this challenge!

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