Morro Bay + Am I becoming a Vegan?

Hello pretty people!

I’m back!!! There’s a lot going on in my life at this moment so I had to take a step back, regroup, and come back with something meaningful.

So… in the past month I spent a week in Monterrey, hanging out with my lovely family, my grandparents, my aunt and cousin; and of course I spent some quality time with the best friends a girl can ask for, Ads and Beto (we missed Conde so we took Count von Count instead -haters will say this is photoshopped-). We went for a hike, and we had some drinks and food. I also visited my Alma Mater and got to say hi to old friends and teachers, it was awesome! I’m already looking forward to go back :).


I got to spend Mother’s Day with my grandma and aunt, who are like 2nd and 3rd moms to me. I lived with them for 5 years and they took really good care of me, I love them, respect them and appreciate them a lot. We celebrated their day by grabbing more than a bite at Sirloin Stockade; when I was sitting there and eating, I never expected that meat to be the last meat I’ve eaten.

Something happened that night… I stumbled across a Vegan YouTuber while trying to get some sleep and even when I found her quite annoying, she was the opening gate for A LOT of less-annoying-Vegan YouTubers like “That Vegan Couple“… and everything changed for me, it was somewhat a “wake-up call”. So I spent the day after thinking “today I won’t eat meat”… and here I am, a month and a couple of days later and I haven’t had any kind of animals… I’ve had dairy (not as much as I would usually consume), and I had eggs maybe a couple of times.

I’m not a Vegan (yet?), there’s a long way from where I stand to becoming an actual Vegan since it’s a lifestyle not just a diet. What’s missing for me to become a Vegan? Well… here’s a tiny list:

  1. Vegans NEVER wear leather. As you can see in my previous (several) posts, I’m all PRO-leather… I’ve talked about never wearing faux or wearing it just seasonally and going for “the real thing”. Specially with shoes… I’ve written about never buying non-leather shoes again… so as my blog and biggest passion revolves around fashion, this is BIG.
  2. Vegans don’t eat dairy/eggs/honey. I still use honey as a sweetener for my detox drinks and I still pour some milk on my coffee and had cheese several times.

There’s a LOT more to the Vegan lifestyle and for that reason I’m going to join YouTubers and talk about my experience transitioning from an omnivore to an herbivore/plant-based human. I’m far away from becoming a Vegan, right now I’m at the Vegetarian stage of it (and definitely Pro-Vegan), but I will make veganism my ultimate goal.

So, it’s sad for me to say the following, I won’t promote leather goods anymore! (even Kate Spade’s leather goods 🙁 ), I will be wearing the stuff I have already because financially I’m in no position to change my whole wardrobe, but I won’t link to/promote anything that could come up on my OOTD photos involving leather or animal suffering. That’s my first step on the fashion matter… next step is never buying those things again. Once they’re done, they’re done.

This is a BIG thing for me, actually some people in my family will found out about it with this post, I really expect your support. As I said before, a video explaining the whole process and what made me change my mind will come up soon.

So… with that being said. I’ll move on to the OOTD portion of the blog. I made a pause to my “Parisian Chic” project because last post was precisely about leather and it didn’t feel quite right :(, and I’ll show you how I wore the romper I bought on Old Navy Easter Bonanza sale (wrote about it here). This is my first “Tall” sized romper and I totally loved it!!!

am I vegan

Morro Bay OOTD

Morro Rock OOTD Accesories

Morro Rock OOTD

This past weekend was my first time at The Morro Bay, CA. I really loved the giant rock and the view was amazing! Sadly it was cloudy most of the day :(, I still can’t get my tan as you can see by the color of my pale legs (and they used to be worse!).

What I’m wearing:

  • Old Navy “Tall” Romper in Medium
  • Sandals and pretty handbag are from Ross.
  • Kate Spade watch as seen here.
  • O by Oscar de la Renta Sunglasses seen here.

Please follow me on Instagram to see what I’m eating on a day to day basis! and subscribe to get notifications of my posts. A lot of good stuff coming up I promise!  (including me quitting my job!!!)




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How I grew my hair EXTRA long and healthy

How to hair longer

How to Long Healthy HairHello beautiful people that stops by and reads my stuff!

First of all I want to point out that the before picture was taken on April 2012 and the after picture was taken last Saturday (April 2016) so they’re 4 years apart but my hair has been as long (even longer as you can see in my previous post, I had a haircut the day after Easter and they took at least an inch off), and as healthy for over a year now – so it really took me around 3 years to achieve it (below pic of my Birthday on December 2014). I also want to point out that the after photo has no photoshoped shine or something added to the hair, I color corrected it but that was about it, I didn’t add the “mirror effect” some people add to their hair; this is 100% my hair, no extensions, nothing extra. So… I actually did this post before, back in January but I missed a lot of stuff plus before/after pictures; so here I go again.

My Birthday 2014
December 2014

HAIR! has been a nightmare for me and thankfully I have documented a lot of it on this blog, so I’ll start from the beginning: how did my nightmare start?

It was 10 years ago! it’s hard for me to say, to accept, to realize that it has been 10 years since I did what I did haha, I colored my hair blonde. The whole thing. It was blonde. I really don’t know why I did it? maybe to please people hahaha I can’t remember, I thought maybe I’d have more fun? I was young so I used to know it all right? So, I bleached it… and kept bleaching the roots and the whole process for exactly a year until it was completely ruined. I looked like a cheap, not so gracious version of Mufasa whenever my hair air-dried; and that’s the reason I kept using hot tools all the time to style it, and it all became a vicious cycle that ended up in EXTRA-DRY, lifeless and full of split ends hair.

Blonde Hair
with my BFF Ads ♥ when we were young and wise back in December 2005

I still have a love-hate relationship with that look, plus with friends and family it was always 50/50… my friend Lula was like: what have you done? why did you do it? what’s wrong with you?!! on the other hand my friend Conde was like: I love you blonde, don’t ever be brunette again, etc… etc… So, I did that on December 2005 and by December 2006 I tried to go back to brunette, it was such a pain!!! the color kept washing off, took me like 3 months to have a “decent” color but the whole thing was ruined.

I remember buying a LOT of expensive stuff to “fix it”, I even bought the whole Kerastase kit! I spent hundreds of dollars on that. I used Paul Mitchell, I went from super expensive to expensive to cheap to Mexican cheap. Nothing. So I was kind of… meh… I thought my hair was like that, I had to live with it and that’s it. Every hair salon I went I got to hear the same song: you have extremely dry hair, you need this treatment and that treatment and this miraculous thing and blah blah… and I used to reply: my hair is like that, sorry. But it wasn’t, actually as a kid I had the most fabulous hair, it was super shiny, extra straight and three times my current hair quantity.

Me as part of the Nutcracker on December 1992
Me as part of the Nutcracker on December 1992

So it was 2008 back in France when I trimmed it very short, I wanted that so called “fresh start”, then I kept trimming it (later I even got a bob with my super round face, again… not the best decision maker).

Hair in Paris
Paris 2008

It grew yes, but dull… I kept using all the expensive stuff, I used a lot of treatments, why was it so dull? why was it growing just until it reached my shoulders and you could see the ends being all brittle… and I had to trim it, it looked awful! Then for some reason, in 2010, I painted it black… BLACK! why? why on earth? so I tried to rip the color off… (I wrote a post about it, it’s in Spanish but you can see the pics), NEVER EVER DO THAT! If I had any chance of it growing a bit healthier, I lost it when I did that, it was a mess!!!

So, supposedly on June 2012 I took the challenge of taking care of my hair, I cut it very short for the last time and I thought I had the solution, the magic formula, nailed down: NO heat tools, NO heavy styling products, tons of water and vitamins… sounded like a very nice plan but it was just half of it… I was very ignorant regarding hair products, so I started to research A LOT and finally this is what ended up working for me (list of products at the end):

  1. PATIENCE – This is the key ingredient for every process, if you want to achieve the results, you have to be patient! You have to embrace messy-not-so-good-looking hair for a while, you have to suck it up and have tons of bad hair days so you can enjoy beautiful hair ones.
  2. DETOX – Every morning I drink a cup of warm water with a fresh squeezed lemon, a dash of cayenne pepper and a variation of the following ingredients to keep it interesting: 1 tablespoon of 100% natural maple syrup or 1 tablespoon of 100% organic honey, 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, and sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon.
  3. HYDRATE – Drink at least 2 liters of plain water. You have read this before, a 1000 times, it’s true! You have to start with the inside so you can see it on the outside.
  4. GO PARABEN-FREE / SULFATE-FREE – This was part of what I was missing before! I thought the more expensive the shampoo/conditioner was, the better. I was wrong. The answer is in the amount and type of chemicals in your hair products. I learned about chemicals building up in your hair, your scalp and being the consequence of it being dull. I always read the labels now, I vary my shampoo/conditioners between 3 brands and within the brands I change scent or “type”.
  5. TRIM, TRIM, TRIM! – It sounds counterproductive but you need to chop off the old stuff and make room for the new shiny stuff! You need to get rid of split ends as soon as you see them, I keep hair scissors on my office desk so if I see anything off, I just go ahead and cut that hair; you don’t want the split to travel up, they do! it’s crazy! So when I have my bangs on like right now, I go to the salon every month to get a trim. If I don’t have my bangs, I wait 2 months until I go.
  6. VITAMINS –  I’m always taking some kind of supplement and vitamins, I find that they give me tons of energy. Right now I’m taking Salmon Oil capsules, Collagen + Vitamin C capsules and I try to also add biotin, calcium, vitamin E and vitamin K (sometimes I would just go for a multi-vitamin). I like to vary things on this department (update Aug 2016: Since I went vegetarian and pro-vegan, I stopped using Salmon Oil caps).
  7. AMMONIA-FREE HAIR COLOR – I have an embarrassing amount of gray hair for my age so I need to dye it! For this purpose I only use ammonia-free hair color, this is very important because ammonia is very very harsh on your strands and takes the moisture away. I never ever bleach my hair and I never do anything too drastic or harsh, I stay with my natural hair color.
  8. NO TOWEL RUB – I never rub my hair with a towel! I use my hands to remove excess of water and then I use a cotton t-shirt to wrap it. I find this very gentle, absorbs water more quickly and doesn’t cause any breakage (my hair is real thin).
  9. LIMIT HEAT TOOLS – I pick at most 4 days a month to use hot appliances to style my hair; there are times that I spend several weeks before I use a flat iron or something to style it. I ALWAYS use heat-protector, even if I’m just using my blow dryer. Sometimes I even air-dry my hair and I get not-so-pretty hair days because of this, still, it’s totally worth it. You need to see the greater good, a couple of bad hair days can give you luscious model-like hair strands 🙂
  10. COCONUT OIL – Last but not least! Coconut oil hair mask every weekend (or every-other weekend sometimes). I swear by this!!! Specially if you do it the day after you used your flat iron or worse, when you’ve gotten a salon hairdo, they use tons of spray and they treat your hair like they don’t care how much effort you put in NOT ruining it…. just cover it entirely with Coconut oil (preferably organic one), leave it overnight, wash it twice first thing in the morning and embrace shiny beautiful hair!

So… here’s what I’ve been using and that has helped me, you can try your own mix but READ THE LABELS please! That’s my only advice! I’m not 100% super-natural-everything-organic kind of person but I do try to make better decisions now on what goes on my hair and my body before even trying it.


I hope I’m not forgetting anything, if so, expect an update 🙂

Thanks for reading this super-long post!!! I really appreciate you stopping by, sharing your thoughts and subscribing!



p.s. please do consider that as an Amazon affiliate I might receive a % if you happen to buy any of the Amazon items listed above; still, I would never recommend something I don’t truly believe in!

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Fuze Tea ¿algo saludable?

Ultimamente las tendencias de dieta están enfocadas a que la gente tome tés, por sus antioxidantes, porque algunos te relajan, otros te desinflaman, otros tantos te dan energía, etc.. etc… pero hoy llamó mi atención la cantidad de calorías y azúcar exagerada que tiene este “Té” en particular. En presentación de 600 ml, si te tomas toda la botella estás consumiendo 300 calorías y más de 40 gramos de azucar (olvidé la cantidad exacta y les debo la foto a la etiqueta), por lo cual es un vil engaño que tenga una etiqueta toda healthy y llena de ramas verdes y fancies cuando te estás atascando más carbohidratos y menos nutrientes de lo que tiene una barra estándar de Snickers (considerando que esta barra de chocolate te contribuye con 4g de proteína)… and that’s a fact.
Y como en realidad uno no baja de peso ni es “más saludable” tomando botes y botes de Fuze Tea engañoso con sus etiquetas tan “naturales” ni tragando barras y barras de Snickers (que hey! yo prefiero mils btw), les comparto una de mis recetas favoritas, post-workout que aparte de estar llena de proteínas, sabe súper yummy y tiene un muy bajo contenido calórico.
Receta de Ensalada de Atún con toque de Limón
  • 1 Lata de Atún en agua = 108 calorías, 0 gramos de carbohidratos y 22.5 gramos de proteína.
  • 1/3 de lata de grano de elote = 65 calorías, 12 gramos de carbohidratos y 2 gramos de proteína.
  • 1 cucharada de mayonesa Hellmann’s Light = 35 calorías, 1.5 gramos de carbohidratos, 0 gramos de proteína.
  • 1 tostada horneada = 33 calorías, 8 gramos de carbohidratos y 1 gramo de proteína.
  • Jugo de medio limón = 10 calorías, 3 gramos de carbohidratos, 0 gramos de proteína.
Mezclas el atún, el elote y la mayonesa con el jugo de limón, y a veces le pongo poquito Chipotle o en su defecto Tajín y Valentina 🙂
La cuenta total de esta receta es:
  • Calorías: 251
  • Carbohidratos: 24.5 gramos
  • Proteína: 25.5 gramos


Y como yo no desperdicio nada, la segunda mitad del limón se la echo a 1/5 litro de agua natural, sin azúcar ni Splenda, así como va!
Espero esto te ayude a reflexionar igual que a mí sobre lo importante que es tomar decisiones saludables no solamente con lo que vas a comer, si no con lo que tomas! probablemente cuidas mucho tu alimentación pero estás teniendo un income de calorías gigante sin que sea tu intención, al consumir productos como Fuze Tea y pensar que son “saludables”.


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Smoothies Desintoxicantes y Antioxidantes

Algunas personas me han preguntando sobre los smoothies que estoy tomando para mejorar mi salud y mejorar la apariencia de mi cabello, es por eso que este post será 100% en español y dedicado a mis amigas facebookeras a las que a veces no les puedo contestar como quisiera y con el detalle que quisiera.
Quiero mencionar que estos smoothies no han sido pensados para bajar de peso, eso solamente lo hará una buena alimentación durante todo el día, ejercicio adecuado, dormir bien, etc. pero lo que sí harán estos smoothies será: regularán tu funcion intestinal, en caso de que seas una persona estreñida ESTA es la solución a tus problemas jeje, mejorarán la apariencia de tu piel/cabello, y te llenarán de energía; lo mejor de todo es que tú controlas lo que va en la licuadora, nada de ingredientes que no tienes idea ni siquiera de cómo se pronuncian!
Yo alterno estos smoothies en la semana, pero me aseguro de mínimo tomar 1 al día y tomar todos los días. Empecé con ciertas recetas y las he ido mejorando, perfeccionando de acuerdo a como voy sintiendo los efectos, ahorita más o menos están así:


Green Monster Smoothie (Original)
 – 4 tazas (o puños a mano llena) de espinaca
 – 1 plátano mediano
 – 1/2 taza de yogurt natural sin grasa y sin azúcar
 – 1 cda. de peanut butter
 – Leche light o agua para diluir
Este smoothie preparado con leche es algo calórico, por lo cual recomiendo que reemplace totalmente el desayuno; a su vez, la cucharada de peanut butter te da energía extra, le da un sabor yummy a todo el merjurje pero junto con el plátano también es fuente de calorías :).
Green Monster Smoothie (Tropical)
 – 4 tazas (o puños a mano llena) de espinaca
 – 1 taza de mango congelado
 – 1 taza de yogurt natural sin grasa y sin azúcar
 – Agua para diluir
 – Hielo opcional
Nopal Smoothie
 – 1 taza de nopal cortadito en cuadritos
 – 1 taza de jugo de naranja natural con pulpa
 – 1 rama de apio
 – 1/2 taza de piña congelada
 – Agua para diluir
 – Hielo opcional


Berries Antiox Smoothie
 – 1 taza de mixed berries congeladas
 – 1 taza de yogurt natural sin grasa y sin azúcar
 – 1 betabel pequeño
 – Agua para diluir
 – Hielo opcional
 Este smoothie es un boost de antioxidantes!
Trucos extras:
– Una de mis frustraciones era que quedaban pedacitos de espinaca sin licuar y el smoothie parecía aderezo de cilantro jaja, por lo que me di cuenta que es mejor primero licuar la espinaca con el líquido (ya sea leche o agua), hasta que quede la consistencia bonita y parejita, y luego agregar el resto de los ingredientes.
– Hay veces que el licuado de nopal queda muy ácido, ya sea porque la piña no estaba tan dulce o porque el apio estaba ácido de más; lo que hago en estas ocasiones es echarle 2 sobrecitos de Splenda (o en mi caso, Splenda genérico de la marca Kirkland) y eso realza el sabor de todos los ingredientes y lo hace más yummy.
¿En dónde compro mis ingredientes?
– Mango congelado, mixed berries congeladas, piña congelada, espinaca: En Costco.
– Betabel, apio: Comercial Mexicana
– Nopal cortadito y en bolsita: WalmartPara finalizar, yo los tomo a primera hora en la mañana, antes que cualquier cosa, dependiendo del smoothie elegido lo acompaño con algo más de desayuno o no.

Espero les sirvan de algo las recetas ♥, si las mejoran me avisan jeje. Saludos!

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