New Shampoo Obsession!


Hi everyone!

I’ve been meaning to write several posts about beauty products that are free of harsh chemicals but today I’ll focus on the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics.

You know I’ve had a LOOONG journey finding out what works best for my hair, ditching what doesn’t work, etc. so, I got the opportunity to receive this shampoo from Maple Holistics for me to try it in exchange of my honest review and the verdict is: I’m totally in love! 

First I got the package and I thought:

  1. Mmm… this bottle is small… I don’t know if I’d go for something this small but ok.
  2. Package is not flashy, but I think it’s ok, it serves it’s purpose (it doesn’t have to be flashy! but we’re used to that kind of stuff…)

First time applying it:

  1. This is like other shampoos that are free of harsh chemicals, it doesn’t lather much, but I’m used to this because remember LATHER DOESN’T MEAN CLEAN! It just means there are tons of stuff making your hair brittle and ugly on the long run.

While rinsing it:

  1. O-M-G this is when it got me, I’ve been previously obsessed with essential oils, I use them to go to bed, I use them on my scalp, etc… so rinsing this shampoo was a HUGE surprise for me, my whole bathroom smelled like tea tree essential oil! So it’s been serving a double purpose really: my hair looks and feels amazing and it’s like aromatherapy while I shower!

After several uses:

  1. My hair definitely stays clean for longer (comparing vs the OGX shampoos)
  2. My hair feels very soft and smells amazing for a while

So bottom-line: I totally recommend this product! Like I said, I got the shampoo for my honest review, and I’ve gotten some other stuff before that I just prefer not to write about because seriously I didn’t like them, but this shampoo is everything! 

If you’d like to try it, right now on their website this product has a HUGE discount, regular price is $25 USD per bottle, which is a bit pricey I must say but you can get it on for $8.95 USD!

I’m definitely ready to get a couple more bottles!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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How I grew my hair EXTRA long and healthy

How to hair longer

How to Long Healthy HairHello beautiful people that stops by and reads my stuff!

First of all I want to point out that the before picture was taken on April 2012 and the after picture was taken last Saturday (April 2016) so they’re 4 years apart but my hair has been as long (even longer as you can see in my previous post, I had a haircut the day after Easter and they took at least an inch off), and as healthy for over a year now – so it really took me around 3 years to achieve it (below pic of my Birthday on December 2014). I also want to point out that the after photo has no photoshoped shine or something added to the hair, I color corrected it but that was about it, I didn’t add the “mirror effect” some people add to their hair; this is 100% my hair, no extensions, nothing extra. So… I actually did this post before, back in January but I missed a lot of stuff plus before/after pictures; so here I go again.

My Birthday 2014
December 2014

HAIR! has been a nightmare for me and thankfully I have documented a lot of it on this blog, so I’ll start from the beginning: how did my nightmare start?

It was 10 years ago! it’s hard for me to say, to accept, to realize that it has been 10 years since I did what I did haha, I colored my hair blonde. The whole thing. It was blonde. I really don’t know why I did it? maybe to please people hahaha I can’t remember, I thought maybe I’d have more fun? I was young so I used to know it all right? So, I bleached it… and kept bleaching the roots and the whole process for exactly a year until it was completely ruined. I looked like a cheap, not so gracious version of Mufasa whenever my hair air-dried; and that’s the reason I kept using hot tools all the time to style it, and it all became a vicious cycle that ended up in EXTRA-DRY, lifeless and full of split ends hair.

Blonde Hair
with my BFF Ads ♥ when we were young and wise back in December 2005

I still have a love-hate relationship with that look, plus with friends and family it was always 50/50… my friend Lula was like: what have you done? why did you do it? what’s wrong with you?!! on the other hand my friend Conde was like: I love you blonde, don’t ever be brunette again, etc… etc… So, I did that on December 2005 and by December 2006 I tried to go back to brunette, it was such a pain!!! the color kept washing off, took me like 3 months to have a “decent” color but the whole thing was ruined.

I remember buying a LOT of expensive stuff to “fix it”, I even bought the whole Kerastase kit! I spent hundreds of dollars on that. I used Paul Mitchell, I went from super expensive to expensive to cheap to Mexican cheap. Nothing. So I was kind of… meh… I thought my hair was like that, I had to live with it and that’s it. Every hair salon I went I got to hear the same song: you have extremely dry hair, you need this treatment and that treatment and this miraculous thing and blah blah… and I used to reply: my hair is like that, sorry. But it wasn’t, actually as a kid I had the most fabulous hair, it was super shiny, extra straight and three times my current hair quantity.

Me as part of the Nutcracker on December 1992
Me as part of the Nutcracker on December 1992

So it was 2008 back in France when I trimmed it very short, I wanted that so called “fresh start”, then I kept trimming it (later I even got a bob with my super round face, again… not the best decision maker).

Hair in Paris
Paris 2008

It grew yes, but dull… I kept using all the expensive stuff, I used a lot of treatments, why was it so dull? why was it growing just until it reached my shoulders and you could see the ends being all brittle… and I had to trim it, it looked awful! Then for some reason, in 2010, I painted it black… BLACK! why? why on earth? so I tried to rip the color off… (I wrote a post about it, it’s in Spanish but you can see the pics), NEVER EVER DO THAT! If I had any chance of it growing a bit healthier, I lost it when I did that, it was a mess!!!

So, supposedly on June 2012 I took the challenge of taking care of my hair, I cut it very short for the last time and I thought I had the solution, the magic formula, nailed down: NO heat tools, NO heavy styling products, tons of water and vitamins… sounded like a very nice plan but it was just half of it… I was very ignorant regarding hair products, so I started to research A LOT and finally this is what ended up working for me (list of products at the end):

  1. PATIENCE – This is the key ingredient for every process, if you want to achieve the results, you have to be patient! You have to embrace messy-not-so-good-looking hair for a while, you have to suck it up and have tons of bad hair days so you can enjoy beautiful hair ones.
  2. DETOX – Every morning I drink a cup of warm water with a fresh squeezed lemon, a dash of cayenne pepper and a variation of the following ingredients to keep it interesting: 1 tablespoon of 100% natural maple syrup or 1 tablespoon of 100% organic honey, 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, and sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon.
  3. HYDRATE – Drink at least 2 liters of plain water. You have read this before, a 1000 times, it’s true! You have to start with the inside so you can see it on the outside.
  4. GO PARABEN-FREE / SULFATE-FREE – This was part of what I was missing before! I thought the more expensive the shampoo/conditioner was, the better. I was wrong. The answer is in the amount and type of chemicals in your hair products. I learned about chemicals building up in your hair, your scalp and being the consequence of it being dull. I always read the labels now, I vary my shampoo/conditioners between 3 brands and within the brands I change scent or “type”.
  5. TRIM, TRIM, TRIM! – It sounds counterproductive but you need to chop off the old stuff and make room for the new shiny stuff! You need to get rid of split ends as soon as you see them, I keep hair scissors on my office desk so if I see anything off, I just go ahead and cut that hair; you don’t want the split to travel up, they do! it’s crazy! So when I have my bangs on like right now, I go to the salon every month to get a trim. If I don’t have my bangs, I wait 2 months until I go.
  6. VITAMINS –  I’m always taking some kind of supplement and vitamins, I find that they give me tons of energy. Right now I’m taking Salmon Oil capsules, Collagen + Vitamin C capsules and I try to also add biotin, calcium, vitamin E and vitamin K (sometimes I would just go for a multi-vitamin). I like to vary things on this department (update Aug 2016: Since I went vegetarian and pro-vegan, I stopped using Salmon Oil caps).
  7. AMMONIA-FREE HAIR COLOR – I have an embarrassing amount of gray hair for my age so I need to dye it! For this purpose I only use ammonia-free hair color, this is very important because ammonia is very very harsh on your strands and takes the moisture away. I never ever bleach my hair and I never do anything too drastic or harsh, I stay with my natural hair color.
  8. NO TOWEL RUB – I never rub my hair with a towel! I use my hands to remove excess of water and then I use a cotton t-shirt to wrap it. I find this very gentle, absorbs water more quickly and doesn’t cause any breakage (my hair is real thin).
  9. LIMIT HEAT TOOLS – I pick at most 4 days a month to use hot appliances to style my hair; there are times that I spend several weeks before I use a flat iron or something to style it. I ALWAYS use heat-protector, even if I’m just using my blow dryer. Sometimes I even air-dry my hair and I get not-so-pretty hair days because of this, still, it’s totally worth it. You need to see the greater good, a couple of bad hair days can give you luscious model-like hair strands 🙂
  10. COCONUT OIL – Last but not least! Coconut oil hair mask every weekend (or every-other weekend sometimes). I swear by this!!! Specially if you do it the day after you used your flat iron or worse, when you’ve gotten a salon hairdo, they use tons of spray and they treat your hair like they don’t care how much effort you put in NOT ruining it…. just cover it entirely with Coconut oil (preferably organic one), leave it overnight, wash it twice first thing in the morning and embrace shiny beautiful hair!

So… here’s what I’ve been using and that has helped me, you can try your own mix but READ THE LABELS please! That’s my only advice! I’m not 100% super-natural-everything-organic kind of person but I do try to make better decisions now on what goes on my hair and my body before even trying it.


I hope I’m not forgetting anything, if so, expect an update 🙂

Thanks for reading this super-long post!!! I really appreciate you stopping by, sharing your thoughts and subscribing!



p.s. please do consider that as an Amazon affiliate I might receive a % if you happen to buy any of the Amazon items listed above; still, I would never recommend something I don’t truly believe in!

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Growing my hair long – 5 months now

It’s been 5 months since I trimmed my hair very short so it could grow nice and healthy.
I’m experimenting with a lot of products and I’ve noticed a nice change and I think it’s quite longer now.
Right now I feel like reviewing the products I’ve used in the past few months:
The first week of two of using them my hair felt really soft but then it turned dry (I even got a bit of dandruff… very annoying), specially with the shampoo, so I finished my less-than-a-half-liter bottle and I didn’t use it again. I still have the conditioner and the treatment and I use them regularly, I kind of like them but truth is I’m only using them because I already bought them and I’m not a waster haha.
I picked this one because I needed immediate anti-dandruff help and this looked pretty new and I’m always trying new stuff to see how they result. When I use it, it’s pretty much like a “deep cleansing” kind of shampoo, it lathers a lot and your scalp feels fresh and minty. I use this only twice a week, just to control the scalp issue. I do still need a proper deep cleansing shampoo and I’m looking for a Natura one, still don’t know where to buy it!

3. Santé Shampoo (Mexican brand).

This looked very “organic” thanks to the carrot stuff that it claims to have. I really like it, it doesn’t lather a lot and that’s a downside since I feel I have to shampoo twice when I’m using this, but it really makes your hair feel softer and less frizzy.

4. Skin, Nails and Hair Formula (120 caplets)

My boyfriend got these for me at Vitamin World, I figured I should also make sure I’m taking the proper vitamins and supplements while trying to get my hair to grow. I’m still not sure if I’m getting positive effects using them or not, I’ve taken them for a month now but I think it’s too soon to judge, maybe after 3 months I’ll decide if they’re worth it or not.


 Also, I got a second trim 2 weeks ago just to get rid of “dead ends”.
This is a comparison between my hair June 16th and my hair last Saturday (don’t laugh at the costume, a friend had a costumes birthday party so…)



Maybe it’s a super bit shorter in real life because there my chin is kind of down, but it’s pretty close. I also waited all these 5 months before using my flat iron again, I used it on Saturday and just because I knew this picture could help as a comparison.
I feel like it’s taking FO-RE-VER to grow… but hopefully by the end of next year I’ll achieve my goal 🙂
As a side note, I never published a photo using my so-wanted H&M Gold Pants so this is it (I didn’t like it thaaat much because it was very windy and my top “ruffles” are not showing properly 🙁 ). I have to say I don’t love them, I like them, I believe they’re pretty but the fit is not nice at all, I had to buy a size bigger for them to feet the length of my legs, so they look kind of baggy (specially in the derrière considering I’m not lucky on that department).



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Herbal Essences “Prolóngalo” Products

If you have read previous posts, you may already know that my latest obsession is to make my hair look healthy and pretty once and for all.

I want my hair to grow reaaaaally long, this is why I got a haircut, I haven’t colored it (even when I have more than a few gray hairs showing in my 25 year old head 🙁 ) and I haven’t used my straightener nor my hair dryer. I can’t lie, sometimes my hair looks horrible hahaha and I get tired of buns and braids… but I’m convinced that I have to do this in order to get what I want, this is the price I have to pay now.

A couple of months ago, a girl I know (that had AMAZING long and healthy hair) gave me her routine and since I’m desperate because I don’t get the results I want with what I was doing, I started the mini-routine yesterday.

It’s very simple, she uses all Herbal Essences “Prolóngalo” products (Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Creme). This is the version for Mexico but I guess the equivalent in the US is the “Long Term Relationship” collection, eventhough I didn’t find the styling creme on their US website.

So I have to shampoo with this and wait a bit, not rinse it right away  like I always do.

Then, just on the lenght of the hair, apply this and keep it for the rest of the shower (bodywash, shave, etc).

Finally, on wet hair, apply just a bit of this and let naturally dry. Also what I’m doing is untangling with a huge comb like the one below, but I never ever brush my hair when it’s wet.

It seems pretty easy, maybe I just need to stick to easy stuff instead of adding too much products and getting all this build up?

Sooo… two days ago I went to Walmart and bought everything and I started using the products yesterday, I used them today, and well, I don’t know what to think, my hair feels soft and smells great, but I have flyaways all the time :(, don’t know how to fix this. Also, she gave me the contact info of the girl that trims her hair, she says the girl has “magic scissors” or something because her hair grows faster since she first had a haircut in her salon and today I will call and get an appointment  and see if she can cut my hair saturday morning (I’m going to a wedding so it’ll be perfect if she could just… try to… make it look pretty?).

Expect some pics soon!

Edit [March 2016]: I’ve moved away from ALL shampoos that contain sulfates and parabens, that’s what has worked best for me so far. 

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Growing my hair long – Challenge accepted!

I just LOVE The Naked and Famous! I just had to say it and write about it! ever since Gossip Girl brought them to my life I just can’t stop listening to their songs… I totally recommend them!

Anyway… what can I say? I’ve been kind of quiet the past couple of months, I guess I haven’t found any fashion inspiration yet… I guess right now for me it’s going to be everything about hair since I just cut mine, it’s shoulder length now and… I HATE IT! I hate short hair, it’s just soo not my style, but I needed the cut in order for my hair to grow healthier, fuller and hopefully, more moisturized.

My ideal of GREAT hair:


If I could just have that hair!!! oh my God!!! I’d be super happy!

So… here’s my “It’s-time-to-have-a-super-nice-hair-plan”

  1. Brand new cut, as I just said I got.
  2. I’m planning on buying these vitamins just to see if they work, I mean, they can’t do any harm.
  3. I’m going to buy a local mexican shampoo that claims to grow your hair faster (if it works, I’ll keep you posted).
  4. NO Straightener (I just used it once the day after I cut it and it was because I was invited to a wedding and my hair was a huge mess… posting the pic of the day and length below).
  5. NO heavy hair products.
  6. Lots of water.
  7. Produce and leafy greens.

I’m hoping I’ll have the nicest hair ever a year from now… the count starts today!


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Eres sangre tibia y yo me siento vivo uoh oh oh oh.

Hoy amanecí exageradamente de buenas, feliz, feliz! el día comenzó preciosoo con un solesote pero frío a la vez 🙂 y pude dormir a pesar de la gotera fastidiosa de mi cuarto.
Como algunos de ustedes saben, suelo hacer muchos experimentos con mi cabello… ya tengo algunos meses que me lo corto solita jaja gracias a los tutoriales en YouTube y siempre me ahorro unos 100 pesos al mes :). Hoy  me gustaría hacer un review de algunos productos de cabello que son básicos para mí.
Mi cabello es -por naturaleza- reseco y tiende a ponerse estropajístico, si a eso le suman que me lo pinto (mayormente para cubrir mi genética canosa) y que a veces me lo plancho, pues se hace un desastre y es muy difícil lograr que parezca saludable, aun así poco a poco lo he logrado y voy haciendo que parezca cabello normal con los siguientes cuidados.
Aquí les va el Holy Grail capilar.

1. Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo 


Lo que dice la página acerca de este producto:
“Now enhanced for superior salon performance and advanced moisturization, is specially formulated with Rosemary, Chamomile and Nettle, gently cleanses for nourished, healthy looking hair.”
Lo que yo digo del producto:
El olor es muy bueno, ayuda mucho a la textura del pelo y lo notas desde que lo estás aplicando. Un downside que yo le encuentro es que no previene la caída del pelo y si tu cabello tiende a caerse pues… tienes que alternar con un shampoo anti-caída.

2. Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner

Lo que dice la página acerca de este producto:
“Now enhanced for an elevated level of moisturization, is specially formulated with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, and Honey Extract, provides nourishing moisture, leaving hair luxuriously soft, manageable, and full of lustre.”
Lo que yo digo del producto:
De nuevo, olor riquísimo (mayormente a coco, si no te gusta como huele el coco, no lo uses jamás). Sí es un plus, sobre todo en las puntas :).

3. Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisturizing Leave-In Spray

Lo que dice la página acerca de este producto:
“Specially formulated with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, and Honey Extract, seals in strength and intense hydration for softer feeling, salon-beautiful hair with a deep, dimensional shine.”
Lo que yo digo del producto:
Es un must have, este spray es by far el mejor producto de Nexxus que he usado, es mi Duvalin, no lo cambio por nada.

4. Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Leave in Treatment Crème

Lo que dice la página acerca de este producto:
“Provides daily repair for split end problem areas. Use after each shower to bind split ends back together before styling, so ends look beautifully healthy and strong.”
Lo que yo digo del producto:
Me encanta! Pero hay que ponerse muy poquito… cuando lo tienes en las manos parece que no va a alcanzarte pero en cuanto toca el cabello húmedo como que se hace más líquido y se distribuye perfectamente en las puntas. Obviamente no te “repara” las puntas, lo que hace es que pega cada cabellito jaja y así evita que se vaya partiendo más y más. Hay que tener cuidado de ponerlo en las puntas nada más o de la mitad del largo para abajo, si lo pones cerca de la raíz te aplasta todo el pelo (been there, done that).

5. Nexxus ProMend Heat Protexx Heat Protection Styling Spray

Lo que dice la página acerca de este producto:
“Is an alcohol-free spray that acts as a barrier to absorb heat and prevent breakage for a smooth, frizz-free style.”
Lo que yo digo del producto:
Sí se nota la diferencia cuando te planchas el pelo sin este spray y luego lo planchas con el spray, queda más smooth. Creo que este spray ha ayudado bastante a parar el daño en mi cabello y me permite plancharlo… mucho tiempo dejé de plancharlo por lo mismo, me daba miedo acabar calva o algo así… ahora con este producto ya me siento más confiada en que no se maltrata (tanto). Aparte ganó el premio “Best of Beauty” de Allure… y cuándo nos ha dejado abajo Allure?
Esta es la lista preciada… espero puedan rescatar algo.
Otros tips:
1. Compren en Costco siempre que encuentren los productos, es mucho más barato.
2. Si tienen pelo reseco como yo, hay que usar muy poquito shampoo, masajear el cuero cabelludo y dejar que el resto del shampoo caiga al largo del pelo; no hay que restregar las puntas ni nada, de por sí son resecas, se resecan más.
3. Hay que usar spray protector de calor aunque solamente usemos la secadora y no tanto la plancha, no tienen idea de lo dañina que es esa mugre.
4. Cortarnos las puntas cada 3 semanas siempre es una buena manera de que el cabello se vea sano y feliz :).
Yo aun me encuentro en el quest de lograr un cabello bonito y envidiable (estoy muuuy lejos jajaja) pero espero llegar con paciencia y perseverancia y cariño a mi cabellito bebé.


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