Chairish Challenge: Mix ‘n’ Match Styling

Dining Room Decor
Mix and Match chairs

Hello pretty people!

I know there’s a LOT out there to talk about, I’ve been writing and writing and writing and I don’t seem to get all my ideas together and finally share the post (about the job quitting thingy!).

So, I was glad that I was invited by to this challenge on how would I use Mix ‘n’ Match chairs in a dining room. It’s nice to go back and think of stuff I love doing and I love planning and if you follow me on Pinterest you can see that my Dining Room board has plenty of what inspires me.

As many of my friends know, the dining room that is falling into pieces is the one at my Mom’s house. The chairs are all breaking, we do have a Mix ‘n’ Match thing going on but in a horrible horrible way! And this, being a table for 8, made us realize how difficult it is to replace one chair that’s very specific and we don’t even know who made it! I mean, it’s impossible! So, where’s the rule that says that all chairs in a dining table have to be exactly the same? And I’m not talking “oh, some of them are the armrest kind and some not!”, no… I’m saying… what’s wrong with having completely different chairs? It’s not just interesting and awesome looking, it’s even practical!

Dining Room with Mix and Match Chairs

So my only rule while doing this is keep in mind what you already have. There are things that can easily be changed like wall color but there are other things that are not as simple/as cheap. We actually did a 100% makeover to the kitchen, dining room and living room but this was year 2001, and what was in on those days well… it’s not that in anymore.

In order to better understand the style the house I grew up in has, you should see the living room (sadly I don’t have any pics of it right now); there we already had black marble installed years ago, so my dad -who did most of the styling back in the day- got a black leather couch. At the time, he loved this black/white combo so it kinds of defines the house decor. He invested a lot on marble/granite counter tops for the kitchen and living room, half of the house floors consist in black marble so it really is an investment and we need to work around it.

For the dining room, he took the table we already had (that wasn’t new in the first place), painted it and reupholstered the chairs to be “black”.  The table is real wood and it’s sturdy but the chairs were not very
strong anymore and with the years they started to break, we slightly incorporated random chairs from the house but this mix and match resulted in a mess.

Sadly… this is what we already have (sorry for the quality, I asked my mom to take the photo and she only has her cellphone):

Old Dining Room

The things I need to consider for this project:

  1. I’m definitely reusing the table. It’s a fine wood table, so I will need to repaint it and refinish it probably using a dark grayish wood color, to have a tone in between all this black and white.
  2. NEW CHAIRS! This is the exciting part… the chairs have to be sturdy, we can’t really afford delicate chairs with my nieces jumping on them and such. We want chairs that are kid friendly in a way that are easy to clean and durable!
  3. Adding GREEN. I want to fill the house with plants and texture, to shake things a little bit. Add pops of green color and what’s better than have plants? Succulents/cactae are perfect for our desert weather.
  4. A new light. With a makeover has to come new lighting, even when I don’t mind our current ceiling lights, I’d like something a bit more dramatic.
  5. Wall art. Do something with all that space!

I want to little by little introduce other textures besides stone in this black and white house. I want to break the “contemporary vs rustic” idea and mix ‘n’ match those styles as well. So, while browsing through all Chairish dining chairs, I found the perfect style for this project and put them together with my vision of this room:

Mix 'n' Match Dining Room
I added a bit of Ikea as always! So what do you guys think? do you like this mix ‘n’ match trend? have you done it in the past?
Thanks as always for stopping by and thanks to for inviting me to this challenge!
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Kate Spade Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

kate spade leather cleaner review

Hello everybody!

Some of you may remember the day I bought my first Kate Spade handbag, almost a year ago (jeez, time flies by!); I was so excited! I really love it and even when I’m not using it on a regular basis (more like twice a month), I couldn’t protect it enough from getting real dirty, like super dirty!

I remember last October, I was at the airport and I was carrying this handbag, it was horrible! I suffered each time I had to leave it for the guys to check or to pass it through the x-ray band, etc… etc… I tried to picture it as best as I could but poor lightning (too much of it and sometimes too little of it) made it impossible for me to get a REAL picture on how dirty it looked. However here are some guides so you can see the darker areas, all of it is dirt!

kate spade cleaner

The bottom was completely gross, it was a mess! And I knew I had to do something about it but I was too scared to use any cleaning product that’d be too harsh for the delicate leather, so I went to the Kate Spade website and read the reviews about the leather cleaner and conditioner, a lot of good reviews! So… I used a 15% off coupon I got on a previous buy and went ahead and ordered them.

kate spade handbag cleaner

I have to confess that the couple of bottles were just sitting on a shelf for over a month! I couldn’t find the time to commit to this task but I finally did it! I was amazed! I used this kind of kitchen napkin/towel (the absorbent/resistant ones) because it had texture that could help me really get into the grain detail of the leather. So I put a little bit of the cleaner on the towel and spot tested on the bottom of it, you could see the magic happening right away!!! So I went ahead and cleaned it all, I removed the excess of product and waited for it to dry (around 30 minutes), then I put the conditioner on the same way I did with the cleaner. It’s a miracle! the leather is sooo soft and it looks brand new! I’m so happy with this purchase!

I will be cleaning a lot of leather goods with these 2 guys :), I bet they will work wonders on them! So, you can see in the next image how the bottom of the purse looked after cleaning it, it’s a huge difference!

kate spade leather cleaner review

I totally recommend these, unfortunately for me, Kate Spade does not sponsor this post haha so I don’t even have to make a disclaimer about the opinion being 100% my own.

Here you can find the cleaner and the conditioner, if you have leather handbags and specially light colored, you won’t regret it!

Thank you as always for reading me and for stopping by!

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My Old Navy Cyber Easter Bonanza Sale Order!

Hello everyone!!!

As you already know, most of my Tall Girl clothing comes from Old Navy; so I’m super excited because TODAY March 13th and tomorrow March 14th every Old Navy item is 40% off online!!! so I had to order something (OBVIOUSLY), here are the details of my SALE order:

oldnavy order

  1. Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash (Tall, 4)
  2. Slub-Weave Romper in Gathering Moss (Tall, M)
  3. Slub-Knit V-Neck Cocoon Tee  (Tall, M)
  4. Relaxed Crew-Neck Tee in Pink Elephant (Tall, M)
  5. Relaxed Merci Graphic Tee (Regular, M… I hope it fits nicely)
  6. One-Button Knit Blazer (Tall, M) <– I’m excited about this one, I normally prefer more sturdy blazers but I’ve never had a Tall size blazer so I’m intrigued about the fit of the button, normally it fits right below my chest and even when the cut for the whole thing may be a bit loose, the button always looks like it’s about to pop!

Total of the order: $73.75 USD (tax included)

That makes an average of $12.30 USD per item! I love this feeling!!! So the way it will look on my Credit Card is around $1,300 Mexican Pesos BUT good news for Bancomer clientele, there’s a promo that will last all March 2016 where all you buy outside Mexico (including online) goes straight to a 6 months-no-interest payment program! so woohooo!!!

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p.s. I’m not an Old Navy affiliate, nor a Bancomer affiliate. All opinions and recommendations are my own. For details about this sale please visit

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Kate Spade Gramercy Watch Unboxing

I’m so excited to share this with you! I really really have been wanting this watch for a long time! I think it’s perfect because of it being two-tone; it goes perfect with gold and silver jewelry and it’s so beautiful!

So first of all, it came in this pretty box, I love KS boxes ♥

Second of all, it came nicely and carefully wrapped, pillow and plastic bag.

At the bottom of the box, there was a little book with the instructions.

This was on my wishlist and I’m so happy I definitely have it, awesome gift! ♥

You will be seeing me wearing this A LOT!

Thanks for stopping by!




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T.J. Maxx Weekend Findings!

Hello there, I want to share my shopping happiness with you!
Yesterday I stopped by T.J. Maxx and I went totally crazy! I was not supposed to buy anything but it was impossible! There were soooo many good findings! so I told myself: $100 USD, that’s your budget, that’s it!
It was SUPER hard because I found these AMAZING Via Spinga Fazian Sandals, I really wanted them but they were $99 (which is still totally a steal!). I wear 9.5 US size and it’s a pain to find that exact size; I can either find tons of 10s or 9s… 9.5 are rare; there was 1 pair of Via Spigas on my size, I tried them on just to see the fit… it was like little angels were holding my feet, I swear!
So, what I did end up buying…
1. Kate Spade 20th Anniversary “Things We Love” Special Edition Canvas Tote. This was the biggest finding of all! It was only $12 USD and totally awesome for spring coming up! (you can see here that people are selling it on Ebay for more than $65 USD, there was a second one there and I wish I had bought it as well).
2. 40 Carrots Moisture Splurge Retinol-rich moisturizing. I’m going to try this for the first time, I liked the fact that it’s Paraben Free and if you have read previous posts of mine, I’m trying to stay away from Parabens and Sulfates. This was $4.99 USD at T.J.’s and you can find it on Amazon for $11 USD and other stores like Walgreens are selling it for $15 USD (exact same size and packaging). This one has awesome ratings on both places so I’ll definitely let you know how it goes for me.
3. ECO Aroma Rosemary Pure Essential Oil. Got it for $4.99 USD and as you can see on their site, retail price is $8.55 USD and Amazon is selling it at $8.90 + $4.60 shipping for a total of $13.50 USD. What I’m planning to do with this is add a few drops to my conditioner to help hair growth.
4. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm. I’ve been a sucker for these lately! (this is my second one actually). My sad reality is that my lips are ALWAYS dry because of my office’s A/C, no matter what I do, Vaseline, Carmex, drink a gazillion liters of water, etc etc. they’re just dry. I bought the first one like 2 months ago, also at T.J. Maxx and I liked the tint on it very much, my lips don’t look flaky and the color is not too heavy (so I don’t have to worry about staining EVERYTHING near me at the office: my cup, water bottle, mug, etc…). I got the “Baby Lips Buds” limited edition on “Oh! Orchid!” for $1.99 USD; Amazon sells this one for $5.30 USD (sad thing about limited editions: if I love it, I will never see it again unless I pay a lot!). Regular Target price is $3 USD.
5. CXL by Christian Lacroix Mini “Zinnia” Tote. I love it! It even came with a dust bag (a bit huge I must say so maybe I will be using it for other bags). I got it for $29.99 USD, you can see it here for $58.00 USD (no nude color though).
6. Eccolo Color me HAPPY wirebound journal. It has beautiful quotes in every page so I bought this as a gift for my nice that’s just entering the “tween” years and needs little reminders that she has more things to be happy and greatful than she has for being sad and emo haha. Got it for $5.99 USD.
And I forgot to put them in the photo! but… also a great finding”
7. O by Oscar de la Renta Gold-Cheetah Aviator Sunglasses. I paid $9.99 USD, these sold out on Nordstrom Rack when on sale for $39 USD.
Total spent: $70 + TAX!

You will see me wearing this stuff a lot from now on! And by the way, the sandals I didn’t buy 🙁

The awesome thing about Via Spiga shoes is that in general they’re 100% leather (even the soles), and I’m trying to leave cheap plastic shoes behind, that’s Laura from the past.I’m so happy!!! I hate paying retail prices so for me this is awesome!

As always, thanks for stopping by!
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Walk on air by Kate Spade

Hi everyone!
I really wanted to share this since December that I got this parfum sample, I LOVED it!
I have to say that I’m very much impressed by it, I had never tried it before! I normally see the sample bottle on the stores but I don’t know… I always have the impression that these kind of brands sell parfums that end up smelling like Abercrombie’s… not that I’m against it but just not my style… maybe I feel like they’re pushing it?
So when I received it I was like “what the heck, it’s already here” and I’m glad I did! I finished up the last bit of mist on the tiny/perfect bottle. It’s a light floral fragrance and it’s not too sweet. These are the specs according to the Kate Spade site:
  • top notes: linden blossom, maiden’s hair fern, solomon’s seal, calabrese bergamot, tunisian neroli
  • heart: lily of the valley, magnolia grandiflora, egyptian jasmine, narcissus absolute orpur
  • base notes: crinum lily, white iris, violet leaf absolute orpur

So this one goes right straight to my wishlist!

When I buy it, I plan to get it from Amazon :), there’s a set that includes the Parfum, a Body Lotion and a Lip Gloss/Rollerball Duo here’s the link!
Thanks as always for stopping by!
p.s. please consider that as an Amazon affiliate I could receive a % if you buy any of the items listed above
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