Decorative Bowl Roses Arrangement DIY

Hello there!
I wanted to share this thing I did with you, I had a Winter Dinner with friends where I used roses on 3 different vases, when the dinner was over I changed my super long “Christmas Dining Table” to my regular smaller one and I wanted to reuse all the roses and make a nice bowl arrangement.
First of all I used painter’s tape because I didn’t have any other choice at hand to make a “grid”, I poured water into it, it was half the bowl and I really don’t recommend using painter’s tape because it got wet and it doesn’t hold tight very well when wet.
Then I placed the fuller roses in the middle of the grid and arranged the rest of them around the fluffiest, surrounded the roses with the greens and ta-dá! I really loved the results!
They lasted for another week, a total of two weeks! I really love the color of those roses so I’m happy they lasted that long!
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share any comments you have!
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Gold Sequin Pillow DIY

Hello there! I want to share with you my latest “golden” DIY. Lately I’ve been crazy about finding beautiful decorative pillows with gold accents, even when I’ve found very pretty ones in Marshalls and Ross, I still have not enough of them and definitely don’t have the cash to buy some of the prettiest ones (like sequined ones, even a small one is around $20 USD).
So, I had a pillow, lying around the house, and I decided it was time to revamp it. I think I got this from mexican Walmart a couple of years ago, I remember I paid around $50 pesos for it (like $3 USD), it has poor quality but at the time, as a newly wed, I needed stuff to “fill up empty spaces”. What I did is very simple and quite easy, I loved this project because of that and because it was very cheap!
BTW, sorry for the poor quality photos, I still don’t have a professional camera, this is all using my cellphone and sometimes I get it right and sometimes the light is wrong, the sequins are very hard to photograph, they come up blurry, etc etc etc…
Ok, so… this was my ugly pillow:
What I did is I bought Stretch Gold Sequin Trim from a local store here in Ensenada where you can buy by meter (I bought 1.5 meters and it was more than enough), price was around $2 USD per meter. I found this link in Amazon with what looks like the one I used, pretty much the same one.
First I thought of covering entirely one side of the pillow, but then I figured I wanted stripes, so I played around a litle bit:
I used a hot glue gun, figured out where I wanted my stripes (didn’t measure it so they didn’t come up perfectly aligned), and I glued away…
This is the final result:
I really really loved it!!!! It matches my decoration perfectly! (also you can see in that picture the dust bag of my very lovely Kate Spade handbag ♥)
Total price of this project was around $6.5 USD, I’m so excited and I definitely plan on doing this with other cheap pillows that I may find on the road…
 Thanks as always for stopping by!
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Glitter Shoes DIY

I’m kind of in a “shoe crisis” at this specific moment of my life. You know? All these adulthood years I’ve been awful at taking care of my feet, I confess I’m the kind of person who buys  the cheapest shoes as long as they’re pretty! I’ve always hated the idea of paying a lot of money for something I’m gonna end up ruining in a couple of months… sadly, for the last couple of months I’ve been in a lot of pain, my feet hurt all the time and I had awful corns 🙁  I needed a deep pedicure and I payed for one 3 weeks ago at an awful place in Ensenada called “Angie Day Spa” NEVER get a pedicure there… they charge full price for cold water and an old nail file… plus the girl looked in a hurry like she really wanted to go and was sloppy all the time… I had to go to my mom and she gave me a 5000% better pedicure at home, she’s a sweetheart…
With that said, I took a decision I should have taken more than a year ago when I bought the most comfortable booties I’ve ever had: Never again will I buy cheap shoes. This doesn’t mean I will pay retail… I hardly ever pay retail… this means I will have to look harder and spend a bit more money in order to get good shoes, good support, right size, etc… etc…. So first, I need to get rid of old shoes right? Non-comfy ones… then at the same time I’ve been reading all these DIY Glitter Shoes tutorials… I decided maybe I can get rid of old shoes or maybe I can revamp them, try to make them comfortable and wearable and still have fun with a new crafting project!
All blogs I read call for Mod Podge… but I live in México and specifically in Ensenada where we definitely/urgently need a crafts store… where to buy it? Where??? A friend and I walked the whole city, went to Office Max, Home Depot, a bunch of local stores and nothing! I was starting to give up when we googled alternatives and found out that 1 part of white glue + 1 part of water could do the trick. I was a bit skeptical but went with it… also I didn’t find the “almost dust” glitter I was looking for, I really need to go craft shopping in San Diego… I decided I was going to start with a couple of very old patent leather shoes, in that case if I didn’t like the finish, I could always just throw them away.
1. I used a very fine sand paper to take the gloss out, so the glue could stick better and not fall off.
2. I mixed 1 part of glue and 1 part of water, then I mixed in the glitter. I didn’t like this… I shouldn’t have, it made the finish a bit bumpy and I had to fix it later.
3. I started with a very thin layer, using a foam brush… it was very frustrating because the glitter was so heavy it was sinking at the bottom and I couldn’t get any of it; so, I decided to use a spoon to pour small amounts and then “spread it” with the brush. This worked a lot better.
4. I gave it 2 coats and waited for them to dry like 30 minutes between each coat. They were looking a lot better but still not what I wanted! You can look at the texture and dullness 🙁

5. Then I put a 3rd coat using mostly glue and just poured in the glitter on top of it… shook the excess off and they were so MUCH better!!!

I still believe I need to try this project again but with “dust” glitter and mod podge… and NO mixing of the mod podge and glitter… Lucky me I have plenty of shoes I can use for this hehehe…

I also added a comfy insole for me to use this and not kill my poor feet! I know this is not making them “good shoes” but at least I get to wear them a couple of times before saying bye bye!

So this is it for now… I’ll keep you posted if I do more of these projects! And by the way, this whole thing reminded me of this song! I had it on my head the whole time! Gotta love Katy Perry ♥

Thanks for stopping by!
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Coffee Table / Bar Cart Transformation

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas! I’m hoping you’re enjoying yourselves these holidays!
On my previous post I mentioned my “recent” passion for all things goldified! I also mentioned (I think I did) I had a handful of home projects that I wanted to share with you.
This specific one it’s about restoring an old table (can’t really tell what was it, looks like a bar cart but it’s kind of short so… I guess it can be both things a Coffee Table and/or Bar Cart); it ended up being a pain and frustration, not because of the transformation itself but because I took all the process photos with my super new cellphone (yay!!! I’m a person now) and for some reason I had to reset it and forgot to backup all the pics so I lost the process ones and I have just one that I sent to my dearest friend Betty, she’s always saving me you know?
So… I wanted this to be very graphic and all DIYish but I guess I’ll just have to share with you the steps 🙁
This is what the table looked like! It had been lying around the house since… forever I guess… and I was using it to store the Dogs’ accessories and treats… then I found a pin (had the link and lost it!) and I really wanted to do something similar but didn’t have the budget to go all Ikea this time… then I saw the table and it made sense!!!
What I did, step by step:
1. I sanded the whole thing, it’s weird since it has this… like… “paper” with the wood finish covering it, still sanded it a lot! I sanded the metal as well and used two kinds of sanding paper, the first one was very rough and then a finer one.
2. I covered the whole thing in Rustoleum Primer (gray color but it was lying around the house so I had to use it)… then I waited and waited… like 2 hours before proceeding with the painting.
3. I spray painted the metal and casters in gold (using Rustoleum Metallic Gold as usual), I did this first because spray paint dries faster than regular one and I wanted to move forward with the rest of the table. I just covered the table with paper and masking tape so it won’t get gold but I was not too worried since I was still going to cover that with white. I waited one hour before moving on.
4. Using a brush and Behr semi-gloss paint and primer in one I did the rest of the table, it needed like 3 coats for it to look good and I had to wait like 2-3 hours in between coats, this definitely took all day! You can see the light in the picture above, it was bright and the one below it started to get dark. I’m guessing you could do one coat then wait for next day and so on but I’m very impatient so I wanted to finish it as soon as possible.
This is the finished product:
And this is how it looks in my walk-in closet:
I really LOVED the results!!! I’m guessing you could use some other kinds of paints, this is what I had in hand and it worked!
And BTW that vase that looks like SALONG Ikea ones, I got it for $1.49 USD at the 99c only store! I just couldn’t believe it!!! It’s adorable!
To wrap up I’d like to share the news with you, my Pink Beetle is gone 🙁 I finally sold it and I guess I’m moving on… these are the last photos I managed to took with it… missing it already!!!
So this is it for this post :), I’m working on something that involves everything I did with my Christmas décor at home but… I don’t know when I’ll have it ready 🙁
Cheesy, super cheesy song of the day:

Thanks a lot for reading my nonsense and come back later for new gold-transformations!
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Bridesmaids Box – Part II

It’s been crazy these past couple of months! Wedding planning! a lot of it!!! 🙂 and exercise and dieting. I know I’m always dieting but now I have a very defined goal: my wedding.

On my past post I said one of my bridesmaids didn’t have her “Bridesmaids kit” yet because I had to ship it to Monterrey but she finally got it and documented the process of opening the package and then the box, so it’s only fair to post about her moment as well 🙂 here’s the winner pic:

Thank you Lula for accepting this great challenge!!! hahaha…
And may I present you my newest acquisition, thanks to my lovely fiancé for the gift:
Tommy Hilfiger Black Patent 🙂 I just LOVE IT! it makes me feel soo 1984!


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Be my maid? – Bridesmaid Box

So… I’m writing a different post just to talk about how I asked my beautiful bridesmaids to be part of this big day!
I’m going for lucky number 7. My maid of honor is going to be definitely my big sis, she’s the only one that can keep up with me with (almost) no crying.  Since I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest lately, I really wanted to make them a “bridesmaid box” like all the girls there, so I did.
It took me a long time, here in México we don’t have Michaels or JoAnns, I just couldn’t go and grab all the stuff I needed so since my mom went to Monterrey for Christmas (a considerably larger city) I asked her and my aunt to look for small wooden boxes, they found perfect ones! not too big, not too small. I loved them.
I really wanted them to look nice and not something made by a toddler hahaha so it was hard to be patient and look for everything I needed and not just go and grab a sharpie and write whatever and give them away.
Here’s the whole process:
– We don’t have the fancy cards so I had to made them, these were the drafts.

– With the pattern scissors I cut them and this was the result, I only made 3 cards.

– I painted my boxes with two coats of gold spray paint.

– I painted the inside with two coats of Behr paint and primer, white color.


– Then I painted the inside of the lid with a dark kind of blushy pink.

– These are custom-made vinyl stickers a good friend made for me, for free!!!

– The first four boxes… a little blurry 🙁
– The final product, photos of dresses, the cards, a paint swatch, a piece of fabric for color guidance, and chocolate!!!



– They were surprised and weren’t expecting this… and most important of all… they all said YES! I’m so happy!!! (I’m still missing one of them, since she lives so far away I’m sending her the box via DHL… I’ll ask for a picture when she gets it)

Thank you girls for accepting this great challenge!!! hahaha…


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