Chairish Challenge: Mix ‘n’ Match Styling

Dining Room Decor
Mix and Match chairs

Hello pretty people!

I know there’s a LOT out there to talk about, I’ve been writing and writing and writing and I don’t seem to get all my ideas together and finally share the post (about the job quitting thingy!).

So, I was glad that I was invited by to this challenge on how would I use Mix ‘n’ Match chairs in a dining room. It’s nice to go back and think of stuff I love doing and I love planning and if you follow me on Pinterest you can see that my Dining Room board has plenty of what inspires me.

As many of my friends know, the dining room that is falling into pieces is the one at my Mom’s house. The chairs are all breaking, we do have a Mix ‘n’ Match thing going on but in a horrible horrible way! And this, being a table for 8, made us realize how difficult it is to replace one chair that’s very specific and we don’t even know who made it! I mean, it’s impossible! So, where’s the rule that says that all chairs in a dining table have to be exactly the same? And I’m not talking “oh, some of them are the armrest kind and some not!”, no… I’m saying… what’s wrong with having completely different chairs? It’s not just interesting and awesome looking, it’s even practical!

Dining Room with Mix and Match Chairs

So my only rule while doing this is keep in mind what you already have. There are things that can easily be changed like wall color but there are other things that are not as simple/as cheap. We actually did a 100% makeover to the kitchen, dining room and living room but this was year 2001, and what was in on those days well… it’s not that in anymore.

In order to better understand the style the house I grew up in has, you should see the living room (sadly I don’t have any pics of it right now); there we already had black marble installed years ago, so my dad -who did most of the styling back in the day- got a black leather couch. At the time, he loved this black/white combo so it kinds of defines the house decor. He invested a lot on marble/granite counter tops for the kitchen and living room, half of the house floors consist in black marble so it really is an investment and we need to work around it.

For the dining room, he took the table we already had (that wasn’t new in the first place), painted it and reupholstered the chairs to be “black”.  The table is real wood and it’s sturdy but the chairs were not very
strong anymore and with the years they started to break, we slightly incorporated random chairs from the house but this mix and match resulted in a mess.

Sadly… this is what we already have (sorry for the quality, I asked my mom to take the photo and she only has her cellphone):

Old Dining Room

The things I need to consider for this project:

  1. I’m definitely reusing the table. It’s a fine wood table, so I will need to repaint it and refinish it probably using a dark grayish wood color, to have a tone in between all this black and white.
  2. NEW CHAIRS! This is the exciting part… the chairs have to be sturdy, we can’t really afford delicate chairs with my nieces jumping on them and such. We want chairs that are kid friendly in a way that are easy to clean and durable!
  3. Adding GREEN. I want to fill the house with plants and texture, to shake things a little bit. Add pops of green color and what’s better than have plants? Succulents/cactae are perfect for our desert weather.
  4. A new light. With a makeover has to come new lighting, even when I don’t mind our current ceiling lights, I’d like something a bit more dramatic.
  5. Wall art. Do something with all that space!

I want to little by little introduce other textures besides stone in this black and white house. I want to break the “contemporary vs rustic” idea and mix ‘n’ match those styles as well. So, while browsing through all Chairish dining chairs, I found the perfect style for this project and put them together with my vision of this room:

Mix 'n' Match Dining Room
I added a bit of Ikea as always! So what do you guys think? do you like this mix ‘n’ match trend? have you done it in the past?
Thanks as always for stopping by and thanks to for inviting me to this challenge!
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I’m dreaming of a Kate Spade Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you’re enjoying yourselves with your loved ones!

First of all, I’d like to explain why I changed the name of my blog from My Vanilla Tiara to Love Type Thing; when I first started this blog on 2008, I was a little bit obsessed with the scent of vanilla and all my parfums, body lotions, etc. had a strong hint of vanilla in them. I’m already over that obsession and I’ve been thinking about changing the name for a while and thought of an obsession that I’ve had for years and years and it will unlikely go anywhere: Tegan and Sara.

After shuffling and shuffling through their songs, this one came up and I just knew this was it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am now, and let’s hope it lasts at least 7 years as My Vanilla Tiara did.
And while we’re talking about obsessions, there’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Kate Spade and all things pretty! Even though I had a bad shopping experience a month ago when they didn’t send me a dust bag for my brighton park pebble small felix handbag, and it came poorly packed (the completely opposite of when I bought my first Kate Spade handbag online), I still love the brand and all the details that come with it. For that reason, I wanted my Christmas décor to be a bit inspired by it, and here’s what I pulled off:
This is me, resting after a loooong day!

For wrapping the gifts, I used mostly FRAMSTALLA paper from Ikea. It was hard to manipulate since it’s thick, and even being thick it’s a bit see-through (weird). Last year I used a huge roll I bought at Costco and it had much better quality,  it even had the guidelines for you to cut evenly. The solid colors were delicate, a bit of rubbing against the table made the color fade, so after the first gift I had to be very careful with it.

Still, I was very much pleased with the results :).

Thanks as always for stopping by!
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Ikea Kallax Gold and Pink Decor

Hello everyone! I hope this year has been good to all of you 🙂 it has been exciting for me actually and it has represented a lot of new stuff, challenges, new projects and whatnot.
And talking about challenges, I’m right in the middle of this 3 day juice-cleanse diet and it’s kind of driving me crazy I have to say. Today is day 2, so it looks like I’m half way there… we’ll see. My highlights about this: yesterday I didn’t like the juices a lot, I was like… this one tastes funny… I don’t want it… etc etc.. but TODAY… oh today! they taste like heaven! I’m looking forward to drink the next one and even when I feel deprived, I don’t feel like yesterday… yesterday I had fuzzy vision all day long (on top of my blindness) and today that’s gone, I’m even a bit more focused and not as hungry I guess, even though I am hungry, yesterday I was starving :(.
My goal is a real detox since I was feeling kind of “funny on my tummy” as a result of all the tragadera decembrina (there’s no way but the Spanish way to say that haha) so we’ll see if it works… right now at least I’m not popping antacid like Dr. House pops vicodin (had to say that one more time!).
What I’m sharing with you today is this little space that I have in my “walk-in closet”, I really loved the results and it has gold touches of course!

1. Ikea SVENSBY Mirror, painted Gold using Rustoleum Metallic Gold.
2. Nate Berkus Gold Vase from Target
3. Jewelry box with gold bird from Ross.
4. Ikea KASSETT boxes with lid, hardware painted gold using Krylon Gold Leafing Pen.
5. Ikea TJENA Pink box with compartments, I need to take a picture of the inside, it has all my nail polishes in it.
5. DIY Lucite tray, using the same DIY I did for my desk.
6. Ikea KALLAX shelving unit in white.
7. Pink roses from Costco ♥
8. The rest of the stuff I’ve had it for so long I can’t remember where I got them.

I really loved the results and also my new restored table goes perfectly with this 🙂 I hope soon I have a “final’ version of my walk-in closet so I can share it with you!

Song of the day:

Hugs and kisses!!!


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Gold and Silver Christmas Decor

Happy New Year beautiful people!!!! As I promised, this is my “all things gold” Christmas post.

You know? I used to only have a gazillion pins on how I want to decor my future house and never really focused on working with what I already have. Since where I live is not my house, I cant’ really use paint for a makeover, and the walls have this horrible texture that doesn’t allow me to stick any vinyls, they’d look weird… so, I started pinning a lot of wall galleries (of course of bigger houses with so much more natural light) and made my very own!

Thanks to Pinterest and all the people who share their free printables, I was able to come up with this:

Here are the sources of the printables I used:

1. I like Boring Things – A beautiful mess.
2. Alcohol. Because no great story starts with drinking milk. – Signatures by Sarah
3. And I think to myself what a wonderful world. – Lostbumblebee

I also used gold polka dot specialty paper for one frame, since I had no time and this had to be done before a Christmas Dinner with friends.
Other items of the décor include:
– The Nutcracker was $10 at Target (actually had to fight a girl for this one since was the last one on this color)
– “&” sign, very easy to do just… big font and that’s it.
– Glitter paper cone “Trees” I found at Dollar Tree. These I actually wanted to make from scratch but come on!!! $1!!!! and no mod-podge mess!!!
Also, this is what I did to the wine bottles I bought for my Christmas dinner with friends. I used Haute Chocolate free printables, they were lovely! You can also see in the pic my table centerpiece, very easy to do and inspired by this pin.
And finally, these is how my gift wrapping looked this year! Ribbons were made out of Dollar Tree wired ribbon, each roll gives you 3 to 4 ribbons depending on the size you want, I really loved them!!!

This is it for this post, I tried to cover all the major stuff I did for these holidays 🙂 I hope you liked it.

Song of the day:

Hugs and kisses!


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Coffee Table / Bar Cart Transformation

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas! I’m hoping you’re enjoying yourselves these holidays!
On my previous post I mentioned my “recent” passion for all things goldified! I also mentioned (I think I did) I had a handful of home projects that I wanted to share with you.
This specific one it’s about restoring an old table (can’t really tell what was it, looks like a bar cart but it’s kind of short so… I guess it can be both things a Coffee Table and/or Bar Cart); it ended up being a pain and frustration, not because of the transformation itself but because I took all the process photos with my super new cellphone (yay!!! I’m a person now) and for some reason I had to reset it and forgot to backup all the pics so I lost the process ones and I have just one that I sent to my dearest friend Betty, she’s always saving me you know?
So… I wanted this to be very graphic and all DIYish but I guess I’ll just have to share with you the steps 🙁
This is what the table looked like! It had been lying around the house since… forever I guess… and I was using it to store the Dogs’ accessories and treats… then I found a pin (had the link and lost it!) and I really wanted to do something similar but didn’t have the budget to go all Ikea this time… then I saw the table and it made sense!!!
What I did, step by step:
1. I sanded the whole thing, it’s weird since it has this… like… “paper” with the wood finish covering it, still sanded it a lot! I sanded the metal as well and used two kinds of sanding paper, the first one was very rough and then a finer one.
2. I covered the whole thing in Rustoleum Primer (gray color but it was lying around the house so I had to use it)… then I waited and waited… like 2 hours before proceeding with the painting.
3. I spray painted the metal and casters in gold (using Rustoleum Metallic Gold as usual), I did this first because spray paint dries faster than regular one and I wanted to move forward with the rest of the table. I just covered the table with paper and masking tape so it won’t get gold but I was not too worried since I was still going to cover that with white. I waited one hour before moving on.
4. Using a brush and Behr semi-gloss paint and primer in one I did the rest of the table, it needed like 3 coats for it to look good and I had to wait like 2-3 hours in between coats, this definitely took all day! You can see the light in the picture above, it was bright and the one below it started to get dark. I’m guessing you could do one coat then wait for next day and so on but I’m very impatient so I wanted to finish it as soon as possible.
This is the finished product:
And this is how it looks in my walk-in closet:
I really LOVED the results!!! I’m guessing you could use some other kinds of paints, this is what I had in hand and it worked!
And BTW that vase that looks like SALONG Ikea ones, I got it for $1.49 USD at the 99c only store! I just couldn’t believe it!!! It’s adorable!
To wrap up I’d like to share the news with you, my Pink Beetle is gone 🙁 I finally sold it and I guess I’m moving on… these are the last photos I managed to took with it… missing it already!!!
So this is it for this post :), I’m working on something that involves everything I did with my Christmas décor at home but… I don’t know when I’ll have it ready 🙁
Cheesy, super cheesy song of the day:

Thanks a lot for reading my nonsense and come back later for new gold-transformations!
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Gold and Pink Office Desk

Hello, hello! I’m back!

As you -my 3 blog readers- already know, I’ve been busy this year, the whole wedding thing and moving to another house has been crazy!

It’s been a whole year since my last post 🙁 I’m awful… and the truth is that I’ve had so many projects at home and I really want to share them all so I’m trying to give some life to this thing again hehe…

A couple of years ago I posted about color gold not being my cup of tea but that I was beginning to like it a lot so… I started adding touches of gold to my wardrobe mostly (I always start there…) and it kind of exploded from there so now it looks like a gold-hobbit has puked all over my house, my desk and my life, I just can’t stop it!!!

So… this post is not really about a home project but rather an office one; as you already know, desks where I work (most of you work here too so…. you know what I’m talking about) are hideous! and for a long time I just tried to live with mine, just kept it clean and uncluttered, but I just got tired of it and I’ve looked at sooo many home-office pins for inspiration and I’m frustrated they get to have the nice clean white-on-white look with their pretty desks… I just did what I could with mine, here’s the “final” (I bet I’m gonna change something in the near future haha) look:

Bear with me on the calligraphy haha I’m practicing on my phone to see what I can do… I’ll get better I promise.

What’s on it?

– A very pretty Lucite tray ♥ that I made following the instructions on this blog; got everything I needed (2 things :P) on Michaels.
Nate Berkus Stapler (yaaay!)
– A very tiny Cactaceae in a huge Ikea plant potter, I’m still figuring this out…
– A pencil holder thingy that was black and I just spray painted it using Metallic Gold Rust-Oleum.
SÄRSKILD Notepad from Ikea
– My lovely Tour Eiffel… I used this on my bridal shower and I’m happy I found a home for it. This tower also was a victim of my spray painting, it used to be pink and now it’s shiny gold thanks to Rust-Oleum!
– A tissue garland I made using this tutorial.
– My ugly laptop trying to look pretty with a Lilly Pulitzer print as wallpaper.
– Keep Calm it’ll be Payday Soon print, a gift from Betty (one of my bffs and bridesmaid).

I loved the results!!! I’m so happy with the transformation… I don’t have a ‘before’ pic but I can take a picture of a random desk and post it haha it’d be the same…

Song of the day (reminds me of my brother A LOT, this is something we used to sing a while ago):

Hugs and kisses… and looking forward to see some Frozentastic desk transformations btw hehe…


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