Black Full Midi Skirt

Hi there!!!

Remember my New Year’s Eve Outfit post? I talked about my sister giving me a Black Full Midi-Skirt for Christmas, this is it!!! My hair as always is all over the place, sorry haha.

For people in Ensenada, she bought it at “La Raca” and I believe it was less expensive than RÖD Passion Boutique (where I bought the fuchsia one), quality of the fabric is pretty much the same but this one has pockets!!! I really really loved it!!!

For Amazon regulars, you can find similar items!

1. Black Full Midi-Skirt for only $19.99!!! (please read carefully about sizing)
2. Striped Top
3. Aviator Full Mirror Sunglasses

I bought a couple of more full midi-skirts from Amazon sellers (including the link above, I got it in Cobalt Blue), Asian sizes as well and they fit perfectly! I will soon use them and write the reviews here.

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p.s. please consider that as an Amazon affiliate I could receive a % if you buy any of the items listed above

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