À la Parisienne: The trench

trench and aviator glasses

trench and jeans

trench coat and black jeans

trench coat

Good morning beautiful people!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was actually a very busy weekend for me, Thursday and Friday I went to San Diego to a Certification Course (Scrum Master, I will write a little bit more in a different post!), it was very interesting but still a LOT of information to process for just a couple of days.

So I wanted to start this À la Parisienne project since last week but yeap! it was hard! So, celebrity model  Inès de la Fressange has written a book called Parisian Chic where she talks about the Magnificent Seven: 7 pieces of clothing that are a must-have to achieve the chic French girl look. A lot of people have talked about these magnificent seven since she wrote about them! You can find a lot of information, styles, etc. on Pinterest about this.

I had to start with the Trench Coat. According to The Stripe: “The trench is a magical piece of clothing.  Put it on over whatever you are wearing, throw on a great pair of sunglasses, and you are instantly fabulous.”

I feel like mine has been around forever! My dad bought it for me 7 years ago and it’s pretty much like new! Even when I got mine from H&M (not Burberry, I really wish), it has AMAZING quality and goes well with everything! The only downside of this one as you can see in the pics is that it wrinkles easily… it’s not like… it’s super wrinkled but still! I steamed it in the morning before leaving for work but this pic was taken in the afternoon, so I drove and sat over it and then had it on me at the office like… on and off (the A/C gets pretty chilly sometimes), so it did wrinkle a bit. Another trick I learned about looking “chic” with your Trench is never ever buckle it, if you want to buckle make sure it’s not right in the center, put it a bit to the side. In my case, I made a huge mistake when I got mine, I believe the belt is like XS size and the trench is M, so for some reason I can button it up but if I try hard enough I get to buckle it in the first hole… so I’m ok with the no buckling part of it.

My blouse is Forever 21, I also bought this a couple of years ago and I’m wearing Tall Blackjack Skinny Khakis from Old Navy as usual ♥

Pics were taken on a very windy day! sorry for the messy hair!

This one from Banana Republic goes straight to my wishlist by the way! Trench coat tall sized (mine is regular size… and remember the buttons-chest issue? yep…)

tall trench coat

I’ll leave you links to the products I’m wearing or similar ones, please remember that I’m not an Old Navy/Gap/BR affiliate but I am an Amazon affiliate so if you do happen to buy something from my links, I could get a % of the sale. I only recommend products I believe in and I really like though!

As always, thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting and sharing!



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