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À la Parisienne: The Blazer

blazer and jeans

blazer and jeans outfit

blazer and jeans

jeans kate spade handbag

the blazer outfit

white blazer

So this is Part #2 of my Parisian Chic project: The Blazer.

I reaaally need to get my hands on the book because I see some sites quoting a “Man’s blazer”… this is not a Man’s blazer and I didn’t pick it Black, I have done more than a couple of other outfit posts with blazers and well, this blazer only got one and deserves another chance.

I love it so much! I really love the fit, it’s not meant for tall girls but it fits well, I mean I have to roll up my sleeves but I’m actually used to it and it couldn’t be better for spring!

As seen before, this blazer is from H&M, I got it on my trip to Chicago 1.5 years ago, it was love at first sight! Talking about Chicago, it made me remember me wearing my trench over there, so I will be sharing another photo of it as well, this time being worn with a dress 🙂

Details of my outfit:
– AMAZING Old Navy Tall Mid-Rise Super Skinny Rockstar jeans. I posted about buying them as part of Old Navy’s Easter Bonanza Sale. I believe this will be THE blue jeans I write about on my Parisian jeans section, still not sure. I love how I can roll them up just for the fun of it!!! Like… look! I have fabric left! I will do this just for my own pleasure! (I’ve talked about my journey with jeans and I will talk about it some more…)
– H&M Blazer (old)
– Old Navy blouse, this is an M – Regular size, I got it from Las Americas Outlet store also like 3 years ago, super high quality material, it’s silky and it doesn’t wrinkle easily!
– I’m also wearing my no-brand nude pumps that REALLY deserve a break, the right heel is destroyed! (Thanks to my office’s parking lot that has a bunch of pebbles instead of pavement!)
– My Kate Spade handbag seen multiple times before!

As always, thank you for your time, for reading me, I really appreciate it!

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p.s. I’m not an Old Navy/H&M/Kate Spade affiliate (I wish), I really love these products and I recommend them because of that. But I am an Amazon affiliate so if you buy something on my links I could get a % as a sale commission. 

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Cobalt Blue Blazer Outfit

cobalt blue blazer and black pants

cobalt blue blazer and black pants

blue blazer and kate spade handbag

blazer office outfit

Hi pretty people!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend! I had a bit of a “busy” weekend and that’s why I’m posting until today… I really want to stick to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday calendar but it gets messy from time to time!

So it’s Tuesday but let’s fake a Monday… this is one of my past weeks’ office outfits, at this point you’ve probably noticed that I love wearing blazers and I love cobalt blue! I believe you can create a polished look very quickly by just wearing a blazer and the color reminds me of my Alma Mater’s Football Team “Borregos Salvajes” ♥ oh I miss those days! So these photos were taken at lunch time at “Hacienda El Corralito” where I asked for a Salmon stuffed Ciabatta, I totally recommend it, it’s delicious!

Complete details of my outfit are:

  • Old Navy Blackjack Tall Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans (here)
  • H&M Boat neck Top (old, similar Old Navy Tall here)
  • Kate Spade Charles Street Bentley Handbag (see unboxing here)
  • Black Pumps from Target (can’t find the exact model but these are similar)
  • No-brand blazer from Ross (similar from Amazon here)

I’ve been thinking about a project, recently I’ve read a lot of blog posts and fashion news and trend alerts regarding the must-have items every Parisienne (well, every fashionable one I guess?) posses; I’ve gathered a list and I think I own most of the items on the list, so… if everything goes OK, I will start with my dress like a Frenchy project. I still don’t know if I want to wear 1 item per outfit or just play with this “capsule” wardrobe trend, I’ll let you know!

You can follow my Pinterest boards and see pins about these French girls trends!

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p.s. please do consider that as an Amazon affiliate I might receive a % if you happen to buy any of the Amazon items listed above; still, I would never recommend something I don’t truly believe in! I’m not an Old Navy / Target / Kate Spade affiliate (I really wish I was though haha).

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Powder Pink Blazer

blazer and jeans outfit

powder pink blazer and jeans powder pink blazer black jeans powder pink blazer

Haha I can’t handle my face on the second photo… It’s just, I can’t stop moving!!!

Ok so this is the story behind this outfit I wore a couple of days ago. I LOVE powder pink / blush pink / ballet pink, it was the color of my bridesmaids dresses and I just love it! So when I saw this blazer on Forever 21 like… 5 years ago… I had to have it!!! I’ve worn it like 5 times probably and it’s just the fit, it’s not a tall girl fit… so if I try to button it, it looks like the button will pop out and kill somebody because it’s sitting right below my chest, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the blazer kind of fits well (shrunken sleeves but I’m used to it right?) I just can’t wear it buttoned.

So… I still love it so I have to be very creative with this one, it doesn’t matter that sometimes I don’t close my blazers, it’s the fact of knowing that I can close it and it will look impeccable what bugs me (that’s why I ordered a TALL size blazer for the first time ever, haven’t picked it up but do prepare for a post on the fit).

With that said, I loved the whole look of it! I love the combo of the Old Navy Tall Mid-Rise Rockstar Coated Skinny Jeans (they’re sold out but always available on winter, you can still get Tall Rockstar Skinny jeans here, they’re definitely my favorite style to order from Old Navy), the sunglasses I got from my last T.J. Maxx findings (here), and the necklace is something I bought for my company’s anniversary party last December, the theme was The roaring 20’s but in the end I didn’t wear it and I thought it’d look good on a regular office outfit, here’s a similar one:

I didn’t do a post on that party’s outfit but here’s a photo:

roaring 20s outfit

I’m holding both my 5 year work anniversary sea shell and my Innoventures winner award ♥

Thanks as always for stopping by and subscribing!



p.s. please consider that as an Amazon affiliate I could receive a % if you buy any of the Amazon items listed above.

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Blazer + Sequins + Chambray Shirt

Hi everyone!

I really want to say Thank You! to my family and friends that have been very active reading my blog and spreading the word, I appreciate it ♥. Thanks for your kind words and compliments, I feel really flattered! I noticed my cousins Irma and Karina were reading and sharing as well: HI! Thank you! Also my follower since forever Gaby Pohlenz: HI! yes I changed the name of the blog… I thought it needed a face-lift and I’m trying to be more active as you can see hehe.

So… regarding the day of this outfit… I totally forgot my camera! It was a few days ago and I really liked the cactus on the background 🙁 so had to take this picture with my phone :(.

Details of the outfit:

– Tall Skinny Jeans from Old Navy in Blackjack (here)
– Tall Chambray Shirt from Old Navy (here)
– Tall Sequined Tank Top from Old Navy (bought it last year, similar here)
– Kate Spade Pearl Earrings (bought them last Christmas and they’re out of stock, similar here)
– Kate Spade Handbag (as seen before here)
– Old Forever 21 Blazer (as seen before here)

My sisters made me notice the comment box was hidden, it’s supposed to work now but for some reason is not working on mobile devices, just regular laptop/desktop (I need to check that – en casa de herrero…)
Thank you again for stopping by!



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Burgundy Blazer + Tommy Hilfiger Booties

Hi everyone!
I really cannot say how many times I’ve used this dress… like a gazillion! I like it so much, I bought it like 2 or 3 years ago in H&M and it was like $12 USD. I’m so upset with myself that I didn’t buy all prints! There were like 3 or 4 very lovely ones!
I use this dress SO much that I’ve visited my brother twice in Pittsburgh and then last year he came to California and he’s taken pictures of me wearing this dress EACH TIME we meet; I bet he believes I have nothing else to wear hahaha.
When in California I used this with my Keds, so it’s a very remixable dress! Fabric is lovely and soft and I’m positive I will wear this until it’s totally destroyed (been there, done that). I will definitely dig up those pics and make a wardrobe remix post about it.
So… details:
– Dress H&M (like I said, from 2 or 3 years ago, similar Adrianna Papell here)
– Burgundy Blazer from Forever 21 (last year, similar here – and I bet same quality since Forever 21 is not really known for quality)
– H&M Scarf (you can’t really see it – sorry for the blurry pics! but it has gold thread all over it, like a very thin one… I love this scarf!!!, similar here)
– Tommy Hilfiger Leather Booties (gift from my Dad!!!, find them here – unfortunately in Amazon pics you can’t see the gold metal tassels but they’re great!)

– Kate Spade Brighton Park Pebble Small Felix (This one is out of stock but I still have my eye on the Cedar Street Maise Satchel in Mulled Wine here)

Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. please consider that as an Amazon affiliate I could receive a % if you buy any of the items listed above

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Plaid Shirt + Black Blazer

Hello everyone!
This is something I wore last weekend, I got the inspo from Pinterest (as always), you can check my wardrobe inspiration board and search for “Plaid” tons of stuff there!
The specifics are:
– Plaid Shirt I got from a Ross rack BUT I ordered a similar from Old Navy (tall girl section) and as soon as I get it, I will mix it with something else and talk about fabric/quality comparison. You can find similar plaid shirt here, and you can check the one I just ordered here.
– Tall Skinny Jeans from Old Navy (here).
– Blazer is Forever 21. I bought this one last year but you can find similar ones here and here.
– I’m also wearing my Kate Spade Berkeley Lane Hanna (find it here with a 20% off discount and similar one here).
And the shoes!!! I want to talk about the shoes a little bit more… these shoes are 100% leather and they’re also 100% Mexican. Here in México, there’s a town called “León” -in the state of Guanajuato- that specializes in leather goods, everything is genuine and this is as good as it gets, you can smell the real leather. To be 100% honest, I think sometimes the designs are… well… not very impressive; they’re progressing at least, they’re a bit chunky sometimes or not that detailed, but I do believe the shoe makers are in the right path. Price? $16.00 USD, yep… that’s right… for a leather good who also happens to have a very sturdy sole. I could be drowning in these except Mexican girls don’t usually come in my size (5’11”)… so Mexican shoes don’t usually come in my shoe size (9.5 US).
I was walking in a store that I can’t lie, I normally wouldn’t be walking in that specific store except that I was desperately trying to find a basic turtleneck tee with long sleeves… it’s like they don’t exist! So I was desperate, I walked in this store… I was about to leave (after checking there were no basic turtleneck tees), I saw the booties and went like “mmm interesting…” then I saw size 27 (which is actually a 10 US, so they’re a bit roomy), I saw the price and went like “this is obviously PU…” (but the smell is actually kind of strong) then I check the materials.. LEATHER! “This can’t be!” Tried them on, yes they’re a bit big but they’re booties not pumps so I’m fine with it and I’m THRILLED with this purchase.
Thank you Mexican shoe makers! Thank you for these!

And thank you guys for stopping by!!! If you have any questions please feel free to send a comment my way!



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