Chairish Challenge: Mix ‘n’ Match Styling

Dining Room Decor
Mix and Match chairs

Hello pretty people!

I know there’s a LOT out there to talk about, I’ve been writing and writing and writing and I don’t seem to get all my ideas together and finally share the post (about the job quitting thingy!).

So, I was glad that I was invited by to this challenge on how would I use Mix ‘n’ Match chairs in a dining room. It’s nice to go back and think of stuff I love doing and I love planning and if you follow me on Pinterest you can see that my Dining Room board has plenty of what inspires me.

As many of my friends know, the dining room that is falling into pieces is the one at my Mom’s house. The chairs are all breaking, we do have a Mix ‘n’ Match thing going on but in a horrible horrible way! And this, being a table for 8, made us realize how difficult it is to replace one chair that’s very specific and we don’t even know who made it! I mean, it’s impossible! So, where’s the rule that says that all chairs in a dining table have to be exactly the same? And I’m not talking “oh, some of them are the armrest kind and some not!”, no… I’m saying… what’s wrong with having completely different chairs? It’s not just interesting and awesome looking, it’s even practical!

Dining Room with Mix and Match Chairs

So my only rule while doing this is keep in mind what you already have. There are things that can easily be changed like wall color but there are other things that are not as simple/as cheap. We actually did a 100% makeover to the kitchen, dining room and living room but this was year 2001, and what was in on those days well… it’s not that in anymore.

In order to better understand the style the house I grew up in has, you should see the living room (sadly I don’t have any pics of it right now); there we already had black marble installed years ago, so my dad -who did most of the styling back in the day- got a black leather couch. At the time, he loved this black/white combo so it kinds of defines the house decor. He invested a lot on marble/granite counter tops for the kitchen and living room, half of the house floors consist in black marble so it really is an investment and we need to work around it.

For the dining room, he took the table we already had (that wasn’t new in the first place), painted it and reupholstered the chairs to be “black”.  The table is real wood and it’s sturdy but the chairs were not very
strong anymore and with the years they started to break, we slightly incorporated random chairs from the house but this mix and match resulted in a mess.

Sadly… this is what we already have (sorry for the quality, I asked my mom to take the photo and she only has her cellphone):

Old Dining Room

The things I need to consider for this project:

  1. I’m definitely reusing the table. It’s a fine wood table, so I will need to repaint it and refinish it probably using a dark grayish wood color, to have a tone in between all this black and white.
  2. NEW CHAIRS! This is the exciting part… the chairs have to be sturdy, we can’t really afford delicate chairs with my nieces jumping on them and such. We want chairs that are kid friendly in a way that are easy to clean and durable!
  3. Adding GREEN. I want to fill the house with plants and texture, to shake things a little bit. Add pops of green color and what’s better than have plants? Succulents/cactae are perfect for our desert weather.
  4. A new light. With a makeover has to come new lighting, even when I don’t mind our current ceiling lights, I’d like something a bit more dramatic.
  5. Wall art. Do something with all that space!

I want to little by little introduce other textures besides stone in this black and white house. I want to break the “contemporary vs rustic” idea and mix ‘n’ match those styles as well. So, while browsing through all Chairish dining chairs, I found the perfect style for this project and put them together with my vision of this room:

Mix 'n' Match Dining Room
I added a bit of Ikea as always! So what do you guys think? do you like this mix ‘n’ match trend? have you done it in the past?
Thanks as always for stopping by and thanks to for inviting me to this challenge!
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Morro Bay + Am I becoming a Vegan?

Hello pretty people!

I’m back!!! There’s a lot going on in my life at this moment so I had to take a step back, regroup, and come back with something meaningful.

So… in the past month I spent a week in Monterrey, hanging out with my lovely family, my grandparents, my aunt and cousin; and of course I spent some quality time with the best friends a girl can ask for, Ads and Beto (we missed Conde so we took Count von Count instead -haters will say this is photoshopped-). We went for a hike, and we had some drinks and food. I also visited my Alma Mater and got to say hi to old friends and teachers, it was awesome! I’m already looking forward to go back :).


I got to spend Mother’s Day with my grandma and aunt, who are like 2nd and 3rd moms to me. I lived with them for 5 years and they took really good care of me, I love them, respect them and appreciate them a lot. We celebrated their day by grabbing more than a bite at Sirloin Stockade; when I was sitting there and eating, I never expected that meat to be the last meat I’ve eaten.

Something happened that night… I stumbled across a Vegan YouTuber while trying to get some sleep and even when I found her quite annoying, she was the opening gate for A LOT of less-annoying-Vegan YouTubers like “That Vegan Couple“… and everything changed for me, it was somewhat a “wake-up call”. So I spent the day after thinking “today I won’t eat meat”… and here I am, a month and a couple of days later and I haven’t had any kind of animals… I’ve had dairy (not as much as I would usually consume), and I had eggs maybe a couple of times.

I’m not a Vegan (yet?), there’s a long way from where I stand to becoming an actual Vegan since it’s a lifestyle not just a diet. What’s missing for me to become a Vegan? Well… here’s a tiny list:

  1. Vegans NEVER wear leather. As you can see in my previous (several) posts, I’m all PRO-leather… I’ve talked about never wearing faux or wearing it just seasonally and going for “the real thing”. Specially with shoes… I’ve written about never buying non-leather shoes again… so as my blog and biggest passion revolves around fashion, this is BIG.
  2. Vegans don’t eat dairy/eggs/honey. I still use honey as a sweetener for my detox drinks and I still pour some milk on my coffee and had cheese several times.

There’s a LOT more to the Vegan lifestyle and for that reason I’m going to join YouTubers and talk about my experience transitioning from an omnivore to an herbivore/plant-based human. I’m far away from becoming a Vegan, right now I’m at the Vegetarian stage of it (and definitely Pro-Vegan), but I will make veganism my ultimate goal.

So, it’s sad for me to say the following, I won’t promote leather goods anymore! (even Kate Spade’s leather goods 🙁 ), I will be wearing the stuff I have already because financially I’m in no position to change my whole wardrobe, but I won’t link to/promote anything that could come up on my OOTD photos involving leather or animal suffering. That’s my first step on the fashion matter… next step is never buying those things again. Once they’re done, they’re done.

This is a BIG thing for me, actually some people in my family will found out about it with this post, I really expect your support. As I said before, a video explaining the whole process and what made me change my mind will come up soon.

So… with that being said. I’ll move on to the OOTD portion of the blog. I made a pause to my “Parisian Chic” project because last post was precisely about leather and it didn’t feel quite right :(, and I’ll show you how I wore the romper I bought on Old Navy Easter Bonanza sale (wrote about it here). This is my first “Tall” sized romper and I totally loved it!!!

am I vegan

Morro Bay OOTD

Morro Rock OOTD Accesories

Morro Rock OOTD

This past weekend was my first time at The Morro Bay, CA. I really loved the giant rock and the view was amazing! Sadly it was cloudy most of the day :(, I still can’t get my tan as you can see by the color of my pale legs (and they used to be worse!).

What I’m wearing:

  • Old Navy “Tall” Romper in Medium
  • Sandals and pretty handbag are from Ross.
  • Kate Spade watch as seen here.
  • O by Oscar de la Renta Sunglasses seen here.

Please follow me on Instagram to see what I’m eating on a day to day basis! and subscribe to get notifications of my posts. A lot of good stuff coming up I promise!  (including me quitting my job!!!)




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À la Parisienne: The Leather Jacket

leather jacket magnificent seven

leather jacket magnificent seven

Hello pretty people!

Voici my 3rd item on the “Magnificent Seven” from Inès de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic. I’ve talked about this leather jacket before; I’ve had it since forever! When thinking about my trench coat and this jacket I truly can see why these are “magnificent”, they’re timeless pieces! I can’t really remember a period of time where I didn’t wear them since I’ve had them. They’re not “tall” sized and that’s kind of a bummer… years ago I didn’t even know “tall sizes” existed or were a “thing”. That’s the main reason I reaaaally want a tall leather jacket; I love this one but I want one that fits on my shoulders, on my arms, etc. still, I use this one a lot.

I’ve researched a bit about other bloggers or publishers talking about these 7 amazing items! A lot of pros and cons, a lot of people thinking “they’re just not for them” because certain colors are suggested like “tan”, “navy blue”, etc… and they don’t think those are flattering colors for them; I’ll say: don’t worry about that! The leather jacket Inès shows is brownish but I believe any color makes the jacket a unique piece. You can wear it with a dress, you can wear it with blue jeans, you can even wear it with a hoodie like I did here.

I’m also wearing:

  • the same striped tee I used with one of my full skirts on this post
  • my inseparable Kate Spade handbag seen a 1000 times
  • Timberland booties seen before here
  • Kate Spade Grammercy watch (see unboxing here!)
  • Jacket is super old, from Wilson’s Leather

Get this stuff -or similar when they’re no longer available- from Amazon (remember I’m an Amazon affiliate and I could earn some money with these links; still, I would never recommend anything I don’t truly love):

Thank you as always for stopping by and please subscribe for more posts!



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À la Parisienne: The Blazer

blazer and jeans

blazer and jeans outfit

blazer and jeans

jeans kate spade handbag

the blazer outfit

white blazer

So this is Part #2 of my Parisian Chic project: The Blazer.

I reaaally need to get my hands on the book because I see some sites quoting a “Man’s blazer”… this is not a Man’s blazer and I didn’t pick it Black, I have done more than a couple of other outfit posts with blazers and well, this blazer only got one and deserves another chance.

I love it so much! I really love the fit, it’s not meant for tall girls but it fits well, I mean I have to roll up my sleeves but I’m actually used to it and it couldn’t be better for spring!

As seen before, this blazer is from H&M, I got it on my trip to Chicago 1.5 years ago, it was love at first sight! Talking about Chicago, it made me remember me wearing my trench over there, so I will be sharing another photo of it as well, this time being worn with a dress 🙂

Details of my outfit:
– AMAZING Old Navy Tall Mid-Rise Super Skinny Rockstar jeans. I posted about buying them as part of Old Navy’s Easter Bonanza Sale. I believe this will be THE blue jeans I write about on my Parisian jeans section, still not sure. I love how I can roll them up just for the fun of it!!! Like… look! I have fabric left! I will do this just for my own pleasure! (I’ve talked about my journey with jeans and I will talk about it some more…)
– H&M Blazer (old)
– Old Navy blouse, this is an M – Regular size, I got it from Las Americas Outlet store also like 3 years ago, super high quality material, it’s silky and it doesn’t wrinkle easily!
– I’m also wearing my no-brand nude pumps that REALLY deserve a break, the right heel is destroyed! (Thanks to my office’s parking lot that has a bunch of pebbles instead of pavement!)
– My Kate Spade handbag seen multiple times before!

As always, thank you for your time, for reading me, I really appreciate it!

Please subscribe to be notified about new posts!



p.s. I’m not an Old Navy/H&M/Kate Spade affiliate (I wish), I really love these products and I recommend them because of that. But I am an Amazon affiliate so if you buy something on my links I could get a % as a sale commission. 

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À la Parisienne: The trench

trench and aviator glasses

trench and jeans

trench coat and black jeans

trench coat

Good morning beautiful people!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was actually a very busy weekend for me, Thursday and Friday I went to San Diego to a Certification Course (Scrum Master, I will write a little bit more in a different post!), it was very interesting but still a LOT of information to process for just a couple of days.

So I wanted to start this À la Parisienne project since last week but yeap! it was hard! So, celebrity model  Inès de la Fressange has written a book called Parisian Chic where she talks about the Magnificent Seven: 7 pieces of clothing that are a must-have to achieve the chic French girl look. A lot of people have talked about these magnificent seven since she wrote about them! You can find a lot of information, styles, etc. on Pinterest about this.

I had to start with the Trench Coat. According to The Stripe: “The trench is a magical piece of clothing.  Put it on over whatever you are wearing, throw on a great pair of sunglasses, and you are instantly fabulous.”

I feel like mine has been around forever! My dad bought it for me 7 years ago and it’s pretty much like new! Even when I got mine from H&M (not Burberry, I really wish), it has AMAZING quality and goes well with everything! The only downside of this one as you can see in the pics is that it wrinkles easily… it’s not like… it’s super wrinkled but still! I steamed it in the morning before leaving for work but this pic was taken in the afternoon, so I drove and sat over it and then had it on me at the office like… on and off (the A/C gets pretty chilly sometimes), so it did wrinkle a bit. Another trick I learned about looking “chic” with your Trench is never ever buckle it, if you want to buckle make sure it’s not right in the center, put it a bit to the side. In my case, I made a huge mistake when I got mine, I believe the belt is like XS size and the trench is M, so for some reason I can button it up but if I try hard enough I get to buckle it in the first hole… so I’m ok with the no buckling part of it.

My blouse is Forever 21, I also bought this a couple of years ago and I’m wearing Tall Blackjack Skinny Khakis from Old Navy as usual ♥

Pics were taken on a very windy day! sorry for the messy hair!

This one from Banana Republic goes straight to my wishlist by the way! Trench coat tall sized (mine is regular size… and remember the buttons-chest issue? yep…)

tall trench coat

I’ll leave you links to the products I’m wearing or similar ones, please remember that I’m not an Old Navy/Gap/BR affiliate but I am an Amazon affiliate so if you do happen to buy something from my links, I could get a % of the sale. I only recommend products I believe in and I really like though!

As always, thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting and sharing!



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